Friday, July 9, 2010

New Friend Friday

New Friend Fridays
I adore meeting new friends where ever I when I came across this meme I was really excited.
If I can't get out and mingle in town...this is the second best place.
Who are you meeting today??
My name is Kristen. I am a follower of Christ, a military wife, and mother to twin girls and one angel baby. I love sewing, crafts, cooking, reading, and exercising with my husband. We are very family oriented...being a military family, we make family priority.
We live in South Carolina and love it!!!
Thanks for stopping by...hope to visit you soon.


  1. Found your blog over at The Girl Creative.... It's nice to meet you:) I am a military brat... lived in AR all my life while dad served till he retired now supporting my baby brother who just joined the Air Guard to follow in dad's footsteps. Military families are def special:) And I'm sure you love SC that's where my dad's from and I LOVE visiting that state.

    IF you get a sec check out my blog:)

  2. Stopping by from New Friend Fridays... Cute blog! Your twins are absolutely adorable!

    Have a great weekend.



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