Thursday, August 5, 2010

FF: My Heart was Broken

I interrupt today's scheduled post to bring you this vital information:
I will be sharing a mudroom update soon, I promise. It's a time consuming thing I tell ya!

Back to the show..
As a mother, I am always checking the girls out from head to toe, making sure that their ten toes and fingers are still there, that they haven't given them self a hickey by sucking on their arm, that that the dogs haven't stepped on them, that they don't have a diaper rash....I could go on.
The one thing I do more than one time a day though, is check their nails. It amazes me how fast they grow. Since I nurse, their hands are always right there for me to look at, thus the reason I"m looking so much.

You would think that with all that time that I have to sit and admire my little munchkins fingernails, that I would always have them trimmed and proper, I mean short.
Well, I usually do.

Look at this face

There was a night that I noticed how long her nails were, but the clippers were on the other table while I was nursing. Her nails were loooooong, pretty, much long. Being that I have a horrible memory as it is, I repeated "clip her nails, clip her nails" in my head so that I would not forget.

Ah Ha!!! You thought that I was going to say  I was being lazy...nope....people, have a little faith in me, just a bit please.

I got up to change her, put her in her pj's, rocked, her, gave her her good night neck sugars and put her to bed. When I went to get her up the next morning, this is the poor little face that I saw. I knew immediately what I failed to do and let me tell you...

That  is totally MY fault.

I know that I have failed at a lot of other things this week, wheww...there's too many to count to be honest, but this is the one that out did them all, yall.

Have you ever  forgotten to trim your little one's nails and have their face to look like this as result? Please tell me yes so I can quit feeling like a neglectful Moma.

You have?!?! Awhh...ok. Well, share your story too  with my friends this morning over at
 Myra's  for Friday Fails. A corral of failures joined together to lift everyone to reassure ourselves that ....
we are not perfect in any way.

Happy Friday Yall!!


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  1. Ahhh...I've done it too...don't be too hard on yourself!! I don't have twins, but I have two boys 18 months apart, so I had one running while the other was nursing...they made it through it..their 8 and 7 now!! :) She's beautiful!!


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