Monday, August 9, 2010

Family Times

We made a quick trip home this weekend. Thursday night rolled around and we just up and decided that we wanted to go home. Of course, Mike had to work Thursday night, so I was busy all to myself getting stuff together. I think I have now mastered the packing process for a family of four. It's pretty simple when you have a list to go by. I think I'm going to share my success story on that with you another time though.

Moma and Daddy were obviously really excited that we were on our way. I was excited too. My new nephew is now 2 months old and this was the first time I've seen him. The girls have grown so much since Moma and Daddy saw them last. Giggles and grins all weekend long. It was memorable.

Hope enjoyed her very first popsicle with her Pa...
I knew she'd like it. Slobbery, banana drool running all over her face. This was a priceless moment.
I know that Daddy enjoyed it.

As a treat *smile* Moma and Daddy had crab Shalou waiting for me when we got there. Have you ever had this amazing seafood delight? Oh! My! Goodness!!!

It's just...AWESOME!!!!

My Great Granny made it when she was alive, and this is the closest that we've found to her recipe.

It was yummy!!
Savannah was able to taste some of it while we were eating. I was truly surprised that she liked it. Why? I'm not sure. She eats pretty much anything you put in front of her. Don't worry... she didn't eat a lot of crab meat. .

It was really more of the sauce than anything

She couldn't get enough of it tough. Daddy was surprised that she like it so much. She kept leaning further and further to keep eating. It was so cute!
We all realized this weekend that our family has seriously grown. Moma and Daddy now have 5 grandchildren and they have that "Grand" glow. You know what I mean?
They are completely soaked with love for all 5 of their rascals.
It's funny now...I look at them as the Grands they are; referring to them as "Nana and Pa," instead of Moma and Daddy. Isn't it just amazing and weird.

We had a lot of fun just sitting around the house. It was way too hot to do anything outside. But, we had plenty of memories to sift through and laugh about.

And then...just like was time to pack up and head home. Daddy and I were talking Saturday night about "going home," and we agreed that that was our least favorite part of any trip. Do you agree?

I love my family and miss them so.

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