Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mudroom Part 2

I've been searching and racking my brain on how to work with this portion of the house. High hopes for finding the perfect bench for my "mudroom" area got me up to my ears in pictures and prices. Whew!! It's crazy how much places charge for some of the simplest of things. I was very excited when I found this though...

It's really meant for a kids room...but it'll work perfectly fine in my mudroom. Three cubby holes, white finish, pre-sewn cushions....per-FECT!!!!  I know that I shared with some others here, but yall, this one is just dandy!!

I really wanted an official entry shelf like this one to hang on the wall; but in walks Mr. High and Pricey.
There was no way that I was going to pay $129.99 for a shelf!! Noper!!

Found a plain coat rack at Target for I think it was $ for me! I'll keep my eye open for a shelf to put above it, but really, it's not priority.

I had space that's behind the garage door that was sort of...Blah! It was big enough to put a shelf or any storage like that, so I decided to use that as our command center.

I used a bulletin board that I had from way back in the day. I bought the wall pocket and week dry erase board at Target. I also found these little pockets while I was shopping. They are so cute and can be torn off the wall and replaced where ever you desire. Totally re-usable!!
This is where I put my store receipts and shopping lists.

I'm on the search for a tall tin bucket so I can re-create this:

I can't wait until my bench gets here. Mike's going to be hanging the shelf for me soon. It's slowly coming together...and WAY under budget!!! I'm at $120 right now and I'm thinking that's where it'll stay. We'll see though. That's a lot better than $300. *HUGE smile*

Stay tuned for part 3.


  1. Have you looked at Ikea for some stuff? They have some little organizational stuff that may make your life a little easier since the price tag isn't all that bad

  2. I love the umbrella idea! Super adorable :) Glad your finding great ideas and I definitely second the Ikea idea!

    Hope your having a great weekend


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