Monday, August 30, 2010

Snuggle Buddy

I know you've seen one of these before. It's a snuggle buddy...meant for a baby to cuddle and snuggle with. Super super soft!!

Savannah has started snuggling with a lot of stuff now. I find her sucking her thumb and holding on to her burp cloths majority of the time. It's adorable, but I think it's time that she has something that is really meant for snuggle time.

Mike and I took the girls to Baby's R Us and found a lot of cute snuggle buddies. In fact, the one above is from their website. The only thing is, they're all $10. know that if I buy Savannah one, I'm going to buy Hope one as well. That's sibling law...for now at least. do the math. That's $20 for two little stuffed animals wearing a blanket for a dress.

What do you think I did?
Mmm hmm!

You got it!
I made my own version. Mike laughed a little bit at the end result.

So did I, but it saved us $20, I made it for my girls, and I had fun. That's all that matters.

Here's how I did it:

I have a lot of their receiving blankets in their closet and figured that this would be perfect.

I decided on this shape for the, um, well...the head of the butterfly. I traced four of these and then attempted to sew them together.
All I have to say if you try to do this is Take.Your.Time.

For the first two, put the pretty sides together. Sew along the edge.

Then, unfold it so that you can match the third piece with the pretty side of one of the first two.

It was a little confusing on which way to place the fabric so that the pretty side would end up facing outwards, but I got it. When I was sewing, I left a hole so that I could stuff the ball and make it all cushiony.
I took the piece that I was going to use for the blanket and folded it in half. I cut a small hole in the center where the ball would go.
And I know you're going to LOVE my awesome pictures...ha!
This is me trying to sew the ball and the blanket together. Honestly, I can't think of how to tell you how I accomplished this. That's bad huh?
All in all, this was the first end result.

But then...I thought...she needed something else. She looked more like a ghost than a snuggle buddy. So Moma gave her some wings.

I cut out a butterfly shape, placed the pretty sides together, sewed around the edges, turned it inside out, stuffed it, and finished the edge. I placed it on the blanket and simply sewed down the center.

And there she is!!!

It's not furry and silky soft like the ones in the store...but I made it for her and I'm proud of it.

I've linked this to the " Its So Very Creative" party.

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