Sunday, August 22, 2010

Teething Twins

When it comes to my girls, I'm just going to say that I pray that my heart makes it through this stage of development. What do I mean?

Ahem...hem....let me begin.

Any human being should be fully aware that ALL babies go through a period in which they are in such pain because those little fellas we like to call teeth are trying to make their GRAND introduction. They should also have some sort of idea that during this time you are going to hear your fair share of crying and screaming and hollerin' and squealin' and babbling and moanin' and groanin'...need I carry on?

One baby is trying as it is...but let us attempt it with 2.

Saturday was a day where both of my girls were hurting so heart almost broke in two. Their crying didn't get to me like you would think it would. I felt so bad for them, that I knew that this was their way of saying, "Moma, please hold me, I don't feel good."

But...what do you do when they both want to be held? You cuddle with them like I did.

Ok, I know that I'm not with them in this picture., but that is me behind the camera. This was taken after they gave up on the fight that had already gone on for 2 hours. They were tuckered out. I cuddled with them until they fell asleep.

Tylenol, teething tablets, cream cheese balls, frozen teethers...Moma tried it all...I promise.

They just wanted to be cuddled...and we did...and then they fell asleep.
There were times during the day when I wished that I had four arms. I know that sounds just plain weird, but then I could hold both my babies up close to me and cuddle them to make them feel better. Maybe then my heart wouldn't ache so bad for them.


  1. Sorry about the teething...I remember from my own kids as well as my grandkids, that it is NOT fun. But this too shall pass...and things will get better soon. They sure looked precious laying there asleep on the sofa! (:>)

    Having twins is a challenge at times I'm sure...but oh what a double blessing (:>)

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  2. The best thing I ever did for our kids when they were teething was to wet some faceclothes, and put them in the freezer. They worked better than any teething ring,I think because they are pliable. It is so hard to watch them in pain! Blessings on your day!

  3. :( I am so sorry, that has to be so tough especially with twins


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