Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The BIG Reveal!!!!

This project's "end" has been long overdue. It's honestly not completely finished in my mind. There's a lot that I'm still wanting to put in there. The main storage cabinet still isn't installed, however...I thought it was time to share it with yall since you've waited so very patiently.

I truely do love this bathroom. It's quite...a retreat if you ask me. No more vomit colored walls...no more yucky stained vinyl floor, no more ugly vanity with a leaky faucet.

Here she is:

The cabinet will obviously fill that empty space above the toilet.

The sign I made....tutorial coming soon. Oh and I can't forget my Angel.

We got this light fixture for a VERY reasonable price. Gotta love that!!
Don't you just love it!!!! We actually stayed within a reasonable budget to be completely honest. Now, I'm not including all of the presents tools that my silly husband gifted bought while he was working. All in all, our total came to $440.78. Not too shabby when I budgeted about $500 for the whole thing.

What? Where's that pretty shower curtain I bought at World Market? Oh don't worry...it didn't match like I was hoping, so we just switched with our master shower curtain. It looks a lot prettier in our bathroom. While I'm at it...here's our bathroom. *grin*

Will share this piece with you later....

I know...it looks a bit blah too. But my decorating skills are on the "slowly evolving" level right now. I'm getting there. These pictures are sort of doubles of the ones that are in the other bathroom. But...I really liked them and decided to surround myself with things that make me happy. Ta da!!!

So...if you had a bathroom that looked like this in mind...
I'm sorry.
Number 1- Bead board was not allowed except as an accent in the premade vanity.
Number 2 - I'm not an artist.
Number 3- We can't afford a claw foot tub (boo!!!) and
Number 4- We don't have that much money.

So...there you have it. A finished bathroom that I love.


  1. It looks great! It's going to be perfect after that last piece is added

  2. wow that looks great! I love the theme and colors you picked. Very welcoming. :)


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