Friday, October 1, 2010

Upgrade Time

It was an unexpected event this week. One that I have to say is really sad but sweet.

Our girls have officially graduated from this ...

to this...

Mike and I say that it's almost like riding in a recliner chair.

We were at Baby's R Us just looking around and skimmed through the car seat aisle. That's when we started wondering about their car seats...

Can they be turned around?
How much weight will they hold?
How tall can the girls be to stay in them?

Savannah's first trip home.
                                                       Don't they look so tiny in their seats?  

First walk outside...end of March '10

On our way to South Carolina- April 20, 2010

Hope - Road trip to SC

Savannah - Same road trip to SC
                                              They grew fast though. My sweet little girls.

Yeah...we should've looked at all those things before we bought their first seats. But honestly, there's not a lot of stroller/travel systems out there for twins that don't cost an arm and a leg. We knew there were going to be changes down the road; just not so soon. We measured them and the girls are 29" long now. Can you believe that?!? They're starting to get that "I'm fixin' to be a toddler" look. You know what I mean...

But now, the girls have their recliners to sit in and seem much happier when we're headed to town. Hope even broker hers in the first five minutes she was in it. I turned around to check on her and she had spit up all down the seat belt and buckle. Go figure. *SMILE*

I had to add this one in there...Daddy making sure that he knows exactly how to install these things. He said, "Good thing they come with manuals. You'd think they'd make them easy...HA!!!"

With unexpected purchases comes unexpected cuts in the budget. Instead of spending money on the paint for our dining room and kitchen, that money went towards their car seats recliners. I told Mike....

Welcome to the world of PARENT HOOD!!!!
He smiled.

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  1. What big girls! I know the "it's kinda sad part." I ordered our recliners from Costco and they arrived yesterday. It seems my infant seats go a little bigger than H & P's but we are ready now. I'm sure they will love it, they look so comfy!


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