Friday, September 24, 2010

Coffee Failure

Go ahead and start.
If you haven't started already, you'll be laughing in a minute.

My coffee pot has this little setting that I tells you when it needs to be cleaned. When the little button lights up, you fill the back with water and 2 Tbspns of vinegar and push the clean button. Simple! Quick! EASY!!!

Well...I can usually accomplish this super easy task without any bumps along the road. Ha! This time I flopped big time. What I thought was the vinegar was veggie oil instead. Yes!!! FAIL!!!

Now there is veggie oil in my coffee pot AND in my cup of coffee this morning.

I did the whole "cleaning" cycle several times yesterday and the oil is still  there. Makes me wonder if I will forever have oil residue in my coffee pot. My own little version of the Gulf Oil Spill in my home coffee pot. Hmmm....

Not only am I reminded about the whole incident when I look at my coffee but when the whole brewing stage is occurring, my coffee pot spitters and spats as if she's laughing at me. Just what I need in the wee hours of the morning, huh?

Have you had any fails this week...worth laughing at or maybe just a giggle? If so, head over to My Blessed Life and share it with Friday Fails. Take a gander at some others that have had some mishaps and blunders this week. It'll make you feel better.

Happy Friday yall!!!

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  1. Hmmm... your own little Gulf Oil Spill - surely there's some clean-up money available to help fix the environmental issues raised by oil in your coffee maker!?!


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