Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Collection of Germs

It's an unwelcome gift that we receive when we bring home the little one's into our warm and cozy homes. With the cutest and most snuggliest baby comes a ton of germs. I have learned quickly how important it is to keep the simplest things that my girls play with from day to day clean. They are the perfect incubators for those nasty little pest that cause my girls to become sick at the bling of an eye.
In attempt to prevent the runny noses and red eyes, I pick up all things "toy" like every other day and clean them. The whole process takes all but 15, maybe 20 minutes. That's it!!! It saves me, well let me rephrase that, it helps to save me from spending 2 weeks of tending to sick babies. Why 2 weeks? Twins don't like to do everything at the same time. When it comes to being sick, they love taking turns. How nice of them, Huh? *smirk*

So here's what I do. I pick up all the teethers, rattles; anything that they put in their mouths really. I fill the sick up with HOT water and 1/4 cup of vinegar. I dump the toys in there and let them sit in their for 15 minutes. The teethers with all the grooves and such, I rub them with my fingers to get any leftover gook off.

After they've sat and soaked for a while, I drain the sink and rinse them off with HOT water again.  Then, I take them and let the air dry on a towel or some clean burp cloths.
That's it!!! Now the girls can start all over with germ free toys for another 2 days. Some of their teethers have some teether portions with the rest of the toy fabric. I toss those in the washer on the delicate cycle and let them air dry as well.

There are some people that use a cap or two of bleach in their water to clean the toys which is ok for them. I'm just not comfortable with the idea of bleach residue going into my girls' mouths. I wouldn't do it so I'm not going to let my girls. Vinegar...ehh...I put vinegar on french fries. Get my point?

Mike asked me when he first saw me doing this if the toys would reek of vinegar. GREAT question!!!
They will until they dry. Once they're dry, the smell will go away.

This is what works for me when it comes to getting rid of thoe icky germs. What works for you?

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