Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Healthy Fast

One of the biggest problems for me these days is incorporating enough nutritional food into my diet; that's if I even get to eating. The children become priority while Moma puts herself on the back, well, burn. Crash and burn that is.

I know for a fact, because I've read it over and over many-of-times, that it is VITAL for a mother to take care of herself. Physically, mentally, as well as nutritionally.

There have been plenty of times that I run around the house trying to get stuff accomplished when all of a sudden...


My stomach says---FEEEEEEEEEEEED ME!!!!!

And by that point, I've waited to late to actually enjoy the food that I end up eating. This happens because in my mind, it takes too long to prepare something for me to eat. This whole mindset usually leads to the worst habit anyone could develop...snacking all day instead of eating wholesome meals.

Eating a crazy concoction of chips, fruit, PB&J...anything to make you feel full is not healthy.

I decided to stop this whole ordeal and fight this battle to the ground!!

Here's how I did it:

This was my  lunch yesterday. It took me all of 4-5 minutes to throw in this bowl. You know why?

Because I had this. An assortment of veggies and other nutritional foods to create a healthy filling lunch.
In my sorter, there is (from the top left to the right) chick peas, cheddar cheese chunks, boiled eggs, sliced carrots, black olives, beets, and cucumber.
I also keep a bowl of chopped lettuce in my fridge ALL the time. It sits right beside the large bag of trimmed broccoli.

I have found that having foods such as these ready for me to throw together prevents me from eating something and regretting it later. I spend about 30 minutes slicing and chopping all of the stuff one day during the week and then put it in my sorter. This is what saves me time during a normal day.
I always switch it up throwing new and different veggies in there...but it's always full.

If I want just a quick snack, it's there.
If I want to eat a salad, I have all the fixins'; give or take a few items such as tomatoes.

Foods like the chick peas and carrots not only are full of natural energy but they help keep me full...this keeps me from snacking on the not so good stuff later.

This, so far, is working for me. I love having healthy options for me to run to when I feel like I don't have time.

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