Friday, September 3, 2010

Inspiration is Everywhere...and it's Cheap

You just have to look outside of that silly little box that likes to block your view.

Ok...I know that we all have those outfits that our little ones wore that we can't bear to part with. Ok...I'm talking about myself, but please feel free to join in on the "woe is me" par-tay.

The past couple of weeks I have been weeding through the girls clothes, thinning out the too small ones. During this whole process, I've come across some of their outfits that I just can't part with. You know the ones that you love so much you even have a permanent picture stored in your mind of how they looked when they were wearing it...No?...just me, again?

Ok...well...let me continue,

There is this one sleeper outfit that makes my heart tingle when I see it. It's actually a 0-3 month sleeper that I couldn't part with at my first "weeding" session. Some how, it managed to make itself to the bottom of their p.j. drawer *smile*

It's girly, flowery, swirly, cute, ruffly, small, and my babies wore it. Is that enough explanation? I know that I can't keep all of the outfits that they outgrow, but maybe, just maybe, there's something else that I can do with them.

I have gone to the moon and back with this one and I am SO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take a look.

Now, I apologize because I forgot to take a picture before I started dissecting this little sleeper. So, I placed it back together for a quick photo opp.

There are actually several things that I have planned for it to be honest.

I cut the cute chest section (hard thing for me to do because I loved it so much) out because it's just adorable and ruffly and I love both of those a

I'm thinking maybe I can use it on another shirt for them. We'll see...I might be too far outta the box on this one.
Ok...first things first. The snap section. Yes, I cut the snap part out'll NEVER guess what I'm going to do with this.

I also took one of my fancy template tools (painted green chile's can) and traced small circles.

These are going to make a cutalicious _______.

Are you ready to see what the result was of this "used to be" sleeper?
Walk with me....

This shirt has a stain on it. Thanks to my horrible picture taking, you can't see it, but it's there.

I took all of those circles that I cut out and laid them out on the shirt. Of course, I covered the stain up...thus the reason I chose this particular shirt. I needed some extra pop, so I added in the blue dots.

After I pinned them where I wanted them, I introduced the shirt to my sewing machine.
This is the end result. It looks a lot better in person than it does in these pictures...

I was able to save their outfit and re-utilize an old stained t-shirt to create a new and revamped shirt for me.

Here's another few things I made:

Little rosette pins for me of course. These are made out of the snap can even see one of the snaps. (I love that it shows) I took that blue dress that I got from Goodwill a long time ago and used it as a backup color. I'm totally lovin' it!!!

Even though it was hard for me to cut this adorable outfit apart, I'm glad I did because now I can wear it over and over.

That's all for now. I'm sure I'll come up with something else and when I do, I'll up date this post.

Have you ever taken one of your child's outfits and reused them to create something new?
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