Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hey Yall...Come On In!!!

So happy you stopped by. I can't wait to show you around a bit.

Oh yes!!!

You have made it just in time for the beginning of my home tour. Each week, a new room will be revealed (with stories and comments along the way) and you, my guests, will have the opportunity to gasp in fear ooh and awh over my horrible typical decor and living arrangement home.

If you don't mind, slip off your shoes and come on in. Let's get this party started.

This is my quaint little home. Cute. White. Mine. *BIG smile*

Let's step inside, shall we?

This is the drop off station for everything. Shoes, diaper bag, jackets, etc. The catch all area.

First thing after stepping inside, you are welcomed into our living room. This is where we spend majority of our time...that's the girls and I.

I love it because it's spacious, full of toys, pictures of the girls and the big comfy couch is smack dab in the middle.

And now that I look at it in a picture...boy does it look cluttered!!!! Oh, and that lamp is so going in the trash. It's CROOKED!!!

 Oh my...I totally forgot the jumpers. Sorry girls.

 It's not an easy process when deciding how to decorate such a big room. Not that it's necessarily HUGE, it's more open than any thing, so tying it all together created a HUGE challenge for me. It's a work in progress.

We just hung the curtains up three weeks ago. I had ordered some back in May, but I failed to measure the length that I needed. So, I had to order new ones. I got these at World Market and I am in love with them. My family is a big fan of sun light and these allow the sun in ( as you can tell)without showing the world what we're doing inside. Plus, their long and flowy, and I like that that. *smile*

Mike and I have been married now for almost 2 years...and would you believe that we STILL don't have any "nice" furniture. Well, I take that back, we have our dining room table. Everything else is...odds and ends. We have very fancy shmancy end tables.

HA! TV trays. Our couch is from when we lived in the's so yelling at us to buy a new one. Our TV stand is from the apartment, ordered from Wal-Mart because that's all we could afford. Still hanging in there.
The storage in the TV stand are Pampers boxes that I painted with left over paint from our bedroom.

The TV? Yeah...I know. It was a must *wink, wink*...that's what my husband told me.

This wall is my favorite though. Lot's of pictures of my US up on the wall. I only spent about $20 total on the frames. Gotta love  the Dollar Tree. A little bit of paint and some free pictures from Snapfish and I have my family wall...crooked frames and all. *sigh*  I told you that this was a "real" tour.

Oh...the vinyl quote says, "Some of God's greatest gifts"

This is where we, meaning the girls and I,  do meal time. Breakfast lunch, and snacks. Supper is done at the table with Daddy.

The girls like to sit in front of the window and look up when the wind blows in.

This is my thrift store find. I think I paid about $29 for it.

And here we have it...the cluttered area that can't seem to find it's way. Despite the amount of time that I devote to this area, it never looks clean.

That's it. That's our living room. The core of our house and where the fun and silliness happens everyday.

If we  had all the money in the world, or maybe even a couple of thousand, I might splurge and say let's have our living room filled with these items...

All photo's courtesy of Pottery barn

But hey! My heart is  content with my belongings. They work and do their job well. the very near future, we're going to have two little munchkins making their way into and onto everything and anything that you see in the pictures I've shared with you. So, nice things can wait until they understand that chocolate milk doesn't go in the living room to be spilled on the new couch. Simple and reasonable I think.

So there you have it. My livingroom and the beginning of my home tour. Now it's your turn to share. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

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  1. I love your house! You know my hubby and I don't have nice furniture and we have been married 5 years! It just wasn't on our priority list. Well we did get a nice TV and computer but thats it. :) I can't wait to someday get new couches and a really nice bedroom set. For now we are content with mismatched falling apart furniture. :)

    Those living room pictures you posted are beautiful! I have never bought anything from pottery barn but man is there stuff cool!


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