Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Cleaning

I know that the biggest cleaning spree occurs in the spring time...when everything is bright and cheery, but I was busy this year. We had just moved, the girls were still little, and the word "routine" wasn't even in my vocabulary yet.

However...things have settled down and it's time to tackle the job.
Who cleans in the Fall? ME! A busy Moma that has to "do" when she can find the time to "do." So...outside the leaves have started to fall and inside the dust is flying around. Who wants to start holiday season like that? No this chicka!!!

 Honestly, I like the idea of having a really clean house going into the months that will pretty much keep the girls and I dormant in the house. I know, we're not bears, but the thought of getting two girls all bundled up and ready to go to the grocery store doesn't amuse me at all. So...we will probably learn our house inside and out.
The girls have gotten to the stage where they are entertaining themselves more and more and this is giving me the chance to get some much needed house work done.

In the past, I used to LOVE cleaning. My Moma never had to clean because I would just do it for her. Bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, floors, carpets; you name it I did it. Living there until I was 21, I also felt like that was my contribution since I was still in college. These days, I'm lucky if I can follow my cleaning schedule for one day. I'm still learning.

Today, I started the whole process. The vacuum came out of it's hiding spot and was quickly introduced to the the bits and pieces that lay on the floor. Everything was sucked away...the dirt on the carpet, the dust on the tv stand, the lovely hair collection along the base boards,

the mysterious cobwebs that formed in the corners of some of the rooms, the dust on the fan blades, the food storage in between the couch cushions, dog hair on the couch and ottoman...need I continue? I told you I got busy, didn't I? I was lying.
I always thought that if you left a fan on, it wouldn't get dusty. That was when I was 11...I've learned otherwise.

After that was done, I moved onto the kitchen. Oh! My curtains aren't up yet, so no need to worry about them. But...this is where I stop for today. The girls are awake from their nap and I have to go feed the monkeys. *giggle*

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  1. I definitely didn't get spring cleaning done either! I've been slowly but surely working on my poor house, room by room. I also have trouble sticking to my cleaning schedule. I guess playing with baby(ies) is just more important sometimes :)

    Thanks so much for the coupons! Sorry I'm just now remembering to thank you :-/ What kind of diapers do you use? I'd love to send you coupons if I can!


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