Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Home Tour: The Dining Room's Wednesday. Yepper. Here I am sitting in front of the computer trying to remember which room it is that I'm going to share with yall this week. If I remember correctly, it's my dining room. Yepper!! That's the one...let's go, shall we.

This is it. Small and quaint. Just right for our little family. When we first moved in, I had my heart set on owning a beautiful aqua/turquoise curio/china cabinet...but my husband decided we didn't need one because we don't own nice china. HAha!!! Funny isn't it. Who owns nice china these days anyways?
Not I...said the owl.

My favorite part of the room is that it's open to my kitchen. We bought our table off of Craigslist for $200. It expands to sit 6 but I doubt we'll ever use it. So in the mean time, I have to find uses for our 2 extra chairs.

Above the cabinet doors, I have this vinyl decal that I bought from Wordy Birdy a while back. The stars are from Big Lots. I think $5 each. I'm thinking about painting them another color. Still indecisive.
The quote is:
"HOME: where people you love live"
I know...I could have done better.

My curtains are from World Market. It was a challenge finding panels long enough to fit the window. I was making them at first, but the girls starting demanding more of my I bought them.

So...I forgot this morning that Blogger was working with the picture uploading thinga-ma-jiggy. So...I don't have anymore pictures to share But...I will add them to next week. Oh...and next week we will be venturing into the girls nursery. I'm EXCITED!!! I {heart}their room.

For now...sweet luvins!

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