Tuesday, October 19, 2010

9 Months..La Tee DA!!!!

We've gone from  this to this. A family of four in the blink of an eye.

My silly silly little girls. You are no longer the little little babies that you were when you were first born. You, at 9 months old,  are now on the brink of toddler-ism...sort of. You no longer eat and sleep all day. You are full of life and personality and keep me very busy, yet entertained.

This morning was your 9 month well-baby check up and I couldn't be more proud.

Big Sissy Savannah...my little A baby...

You are 18.2 lbs and 28 inches tall.
That puts you in the 67th percentile. What that means...you're doing great!!!!

You are tremendously busy all. the.time.
Out first...into everything first...and the first to do everything.
You love to jump in your jumper--right-left-right-left. That's your pattern.
You {heart} eating and feeding yourself.
You love the camera...cheese is your middle name (or so you think).

You love to cuddle on Moma's shoulder before bed time.
You are one leg away from crawling....if only you could figure out how to pull it out from under you.
You love playing with Hank and Bella. They make you laugh all the time.
You love to stand up and walk with Moma and Daddy.
You love to look upside down at people, the tv, at the dogs...just about everything..
You've learned to take toys away from Sissy.
You love rubbing Moma's face while nursing. Sweet baby!
You love being tickled.
You love your sippy cup.
You love being outside and looking around. Walks are your favorite.
You've started blowing raspberries at everyone.
You are very good at feeding yourself now. Such a big girl.
You have enough hair for a little sprout ponytail. Perfect for little clippie hair bows.
You have started opening and closing doors when helping Moma in the kitchen. *Sigh*
You love your Daddy like crazy.
You are growing up so beautifully!!!!

Little Sissy Hope...
At your appointmet this morning, you were so well behaved. The doctor was impressed how calm you were. Good girl!!! Surprisingly you weighed less than Sissy did. You weighed 17.8 lbs and were 28 1/4 inches tall. I honeslty thought you were heavier, but you proved me wrong. You are in the 59th percentile and doing just as great as Sissy is....which is super GREAT!!!!

You, my little lady, are much more reserved than Sissy is but you have found your voice.
Da-da-da-da has become your favorite thing to say here lately. Sometimes you fit in a Ma-ma-ma.
You have officially earned the title of "Little Cuddle Bug."
You will snuggle right up with me anytime of the day.

You love to eat as well. Anything and everything...especially oranges.
You reach for anything that is in your sight range.
You scoot backwards and turn yourself around when playing on the floor. Crawling soon.
You look around objects to try to see me better.
You get upset when I leave the room.
You love watching Vggietales. Larry is your favorite....you look when you hear his voice. *smile*
You love listening to me read a story to you.
You get excited when the dogs start playing.
when Daddy comes home.
You're not a big fan of your new stroller.
You love peeking at me through your crib ...makes me smile everytime.
You are just as tickleish as Sissy is.
You love dancing with Moma around the living room.
You love being thrown in the air.
You reach for me now when someone else is holding you (I {heart} that very much)
You love to relax in the bath water...no splashing around for you.
Your hair is thicker but shorter than Sissy's..making your little sprout shorter. *giggle*

Interaction has become a big thing with you girls lately. Reaching and grabbing for each other. I'm just waiting for an earring to be ripped from one's ear followed by a scream. I know it's coming.
I admit. You're becoming more of a challenge to care for. The two of you are becoming more and more demanding of your single Moma. Sometimes I want to cuddle you both in my arms and hold you for hours at a time...but I can't.
You're too itsy and antsy. You love for me to talk to you as if we were having a conversation. Looking at me, waiting for me to respond. It's fun. You're so close to crawling;
It. Scares. Me!!!!!

I admit, there are days when I feel completely exhausted and it would be nice to drop you off at Nana and Pa's or Mom-maw's or Pop-Pop's, but I know I push through it because your adorable smiles and cackles warm me over and calm my nerves.
 Even on days when my head is pounding and I just don't feel good, you are the highlight of my day.
Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing things right. I worry if you're eating enough, maybe too much. Is 2 naps too much sleep, should you have shoes on your feet, are you warm enough, too cold...it's a constant struggle. My priorities and daily goals have significantly shifted with ALL focus on your well being.

You have created a change in my heart that only a mother can understand. The thought of you makes me tear up. My love for you and your silliness is huge. You make me smile, you make me laugh, you make me cry, but most of all...you have made me the proudest Moma. Something I once thought I would never have the chance to be.

Happy 9 months little ones...your Moma loves you a whole lot!!!!!!
(Daddy does too!!!)

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  1. Happy 9 month S & H! They are getting SO big and they're just precious.
    Beware.. I can be across the house & I know the SHRIEK Khloee lets out when Koop steals her toy. He can every toy in the house around him & he wants hers. He's crawling & she isn't so she can't get away. Arrr! He also LOVES her pretty earrings. Arrr!


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