Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mudroom Part 3/ Pantry

If I could upload a clip of me screaming my head off, I would. Because to sum it all up, that is exactly how I feel when it comes to my GREAT idea of a mudroom. If it was possible, everything and anything has come in between me and my desired mudroom. I'm really upset about the whole thing. I truly am.

I already took care of the empty space behind the garage door...that's working out GREAT for me.

Here's where the problems start stacking up:

I ordered a bench only to be informed that they were out of stock and will be back ordered for a long time. I would just go out and buy another one...but they're too expensive. I could just go out and build me one...but that would force me to go buy several tools that I would need that I don't have at this point in time which means more money that I don't have budgeted. Grrr! So, I canceled the entire order. Go figure.

Like I told you here, instead of buying a ridiculously expensive "entryway" shelf with cubby holes and all, I just bought a simple rack with hooks from Wal-Mart. Well...that just seemed way too easy, so trouble had to help out with this...

Come to find out, I can't hang anything on this wall that involves screws because of this...

It sits exactly opposite of where my shelf needs to go.

Yeah!! It's a pretty important aspect of our house and I can do absolutely NOTHING about it but wine like my babies are right now. Maybe that's where they get it from. Hmm...never thought about that one.

So anyhoo...Mike pretty much told me that the whole idea was a bust. That my mudroom dream was no longer possible. And here I go again with the wining part. I know, a grown woman wining like a 7 month old...not attractive. But hey...I WANT A MUDROOM!!!!! WAHHHHHH!!!!

Ahemm...hem..ok I feel a lot better now. I know. That was a little overboard but it needed to come out.

Since I'm not able to create a small version of a mudroom, I'll just go ahead and just let the space sit there. Yeah...I can't do that either. I tried. But seriously...I was using all my energy to get this project done...lot's of research to find the best prices only to come to an abrupt stop thanks to the pesky electric box. GRRRR!!!'s what I did. It's not a bench. Not a coat rack. Not a storage spot for shoes. But it is useful and space efficient.

After reevaluating my storage space in my huge pantry, I thought "Why not utilize this space for extra storage?!?!" Ah hA!!!! That's when the other great idea was born. A trip to Home Depot landed me this beauty. I'm not going to lie. It was a challenge to put the thing together by myself. The directions on the box simply state: Easy to assemble with extra assistance.


I say to myself,
"I GOT THIS!!!!"

After an hour of propping the bars and shelves up on tables and the end of the couch...I managed to create a shelf unit. A little word of advice for anyone with the desire to own one of these bad boys...ask for help. *smile*

So now, I have extra space for my stockpile, my mixer has a comfy home, the snacks and lunchboxes have a secure place to live, and my pretty bowls can sit comfortably on top without fear that Mike will let them slide out of the cabinet.

My pantry, though, still feels packed. I guess that goes to show that I have a lot of stuff in there....thus proving the fact that it's time for another pantry stock evaluation because I still go and see nothing to eat at times.

That's usually only when I'm starving and in one of those "Nothing sounds good" moods. I'm sure you've been there. Mike hates those moods, even though he goes there more so than I so.


Sad but true. No mudroom for this house. That is unless I somehow figure out how to put some hooks or something up. It's not a total failure. I have's in my blood. I'm a Hinson (meaning, I'm so my Daddy.) The creativity will come from my Moma. Time will tell.

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