Monday, October 4, 2010

This time of year...

...brings great colors. I've always wondered why oranges, yellows, and reds bring so much comfort to the soul. I'm still looking for the answer. It's like eating a bowl of cozy soup without actually eating the cozy soup. Agree?

Coat hanger wreath...super easy!!!

Well, I took a leap into those colors this past week and officially welcomed Fall into my home; open doors and open windows. How could I not with the high being only 70? Ha!!!

Two days without AC yall...that's probably like $10 off my electric bill right there.
Anyhoo...where was I? OH!!!


Hey there!!!
I'm really proud of my wreath. It's super versatile too. I'll show you what I mean another time..but beware..wa! Ha! HA!!! will be seeing it later.

I spent some time, nap time to be exact, and whipped up some fall-ish crafts to spice up the inside. Using what I had in my stash and some new leaves that I bought at the store.

Speaking of those leaves, there they are in some homemade garland.
 I {heart} my harvest sign. Made out of my the vanity doors from the old bathroom cabinet.

A little pumpkin spice piece using an old picture frame tray that Moma and Daddy gave me. 

The typical $1 scarecrows from the dollar store.

This little fella was from Louisiana...hanging from my plant chain...*smile*

I also took some leaves and threaded some string through them...hung them underneath the kitchen cabinets for some extra zazz. I tried to take some pictures of them, but despite all my attempts, they just wouldn't cooperate with me. So, you'll just have to imagine them. Sorry.
That's it though. That's all the decorating I did. Just a little, that's all we need.

The girls were enjoying the open-ness of the house today too. Every time a gust of wind would make its way through...they would gasp and smile super big!!

Then we remembered that we had a new walker in the truck...let's play bumper cars in the kitchen!!!!!
Talk about funny!!!

Eight month old babies learn quickly...I had to pull them apart several times. They had me laughing up a storm.

Then, like a flip of the switch, they got all serious on me. Zoned out with zero smiles. It was time to eat.

Please excuse their messy spit up shirts. This has become a norm in our house lately. 

I hope that you're enjoying this beautiful weather too if your area is getting it. It's lovely, beautiful, chilling, and just down right AWE-some!!!!!!

OH! What does this picture make your think of ???
"Baby's got her blue jeans on..."

Just listen to this for a'll make you smile like I did.

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  1. What a sweet blog and even sweeter babies ! My twinsies are 19, soon to be 20 and young men - but oh, how wonderful it has been to raise them !

    Enjoy your blessings !
    thanks for sharing,

  2. Love all your fall pictures and the girls playing bumper cars is adorable. I bet there are very few quiet moments in your house. :)

    Have a good weekend!


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