Friday, November 12, 2010

Guest Post from Snugglesaurus

Thank you, Kristen, for having me! I am very excited to be here.

My name is Leigha,I am author of my blog My Snugglesaurus. It is a blog that is pretty much all about my son and our daily lives. Of course, I add in some crafts and kitchen time! J

I am a hair stylist. Love doing hair!! Cutting is my favorite, but I love doing color too!

I am a stay at home mom of this sweet baby boy


…though he is becoming more like a little man every day. I love chasing him around and being super silly with him. I am obsessed with taking pictures of him J

You will also spot me in the kitchen, 

(I didn’t take any pictures of the food when I was making it or when it was done…bummer!)

I love to cook! I am allergic to dairy and to, things in this house are just a little different. It is, of course, a good difference though! My sweet hubby eats the same things I do. Isn’t he amazing?! He is such an awesome Godly man. I am so thankful for him.

I love being crafty and just all around handy.

(awesome garland copied from hope abound!)

My first quilt ever! I know it is loud..I got the fabric from the dollar bin. J

Wanted to make sure that I could quilt before I spent too much money. J

So, this is the second quilt I’ve ever made. I love it!!

(Yes, Lou Lou, this was for you…I was convinced you were having a boy. haha) 
 I love love love this quilt. It makes me very happy.
I have started a few other projects, but I won’t be able to say what they are until after Christmas. J
Well, thank you for having me as a guest blogger!
If you’d like to check out my blog the address is:  

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