Thursday, November 11, 2010

Things I Love: Family Time

Mike's Mom-mom and Pop-pop were here not too long ago. They wanted to see how big those little great grans were getting so they came on down for bit. The weather was beautiful

Our Little Family
While they were here the girls perfected eating with their hands...or so they thought. Cracker Barrell was our first eating out extravaganza since I think May.

Savannah was so excited that she could sit up in a high-chair this time. I was too...a little nervous that they'd slip out but excited. They're getting so big.

The girls definitely got plenty of attention and love from their Greats. I'm glad too.

MomMom and Savannah

The tongue...MomMom and Savannah

Couldn't help to share a bit of historic Charleston with you. Talk about breathtaking and amazing!!

Savannah and PopPop

I'm always a big fan of family visits. Even though I admit it stresses me out. I adore watching the girls interact with family and loved ones. The camera is always glued to my hand just waiting for the next memorable shot. Pictures galore!!!
Savannah and MomMom: Blowing Raspberries

Daddy and Hope

Savannah and her new friend: Ketchup

Hope and MomMom

The Girls, PopPop and Daddy

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