Monday, November 22, 2010

Thankful for Mondays

This is a big week. Thanksgiving is here and what to do!?!?!

Mike's Mom is coming in for the week, so we'll actually have family in our new house for our first BIG holiday dinner. Talk about cool.

The only meal set in stone this week is our Thanksgiving meal:
Roasted Turkey
Sausage stuffing
Oven roasted corn
Slow cooked mac-n-cheese
Green bean casserole
homemade yeast rolls

It should be yummy!!

Before the family came in, I wanted to add one last detail to the fall decor. Our pine trees have been sharing their wealth with our yard all week and I thought it was due time to make something with them.

So after collecting a few, I found some ribbon that I inherited from my Grandmother.

I glued the ends of a piece of ribbon about 15" long to the tops of the pine cones...

...all the while Bella kept my legs warms for me.

I strung the cones up on the light above the table.

I added a few bows and that was it. I love the way they look. I'm probably going to leave them up for Christmas too. They look just that good.

This is probably going to be my only post this week. Family is here and I figured it's a good time to take a break. I pray everyone enjoys their family this holiday.

Have a blessed Monday and week.

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  1. Kristen I hope you will enjoy your first family Thanksgiving in your new home.

    The menu sounds good... and the pine cones are festive. So I think you are doing good so far! (:>)


    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


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