Sunday, November 21, 2010

Football Sunday

It's quite unfortunate at times that we live so far south of the line, the Mason Dixon Line that is. It's quite contrary that the NFL network and ESPN only play football games that coordinate with the regions that they play in. What am I talking about?!?

 The EAGLES yall!!!

If they're not playing a team in your region, forget watching them play. But that goes for any team to be honest. But lets focus on whats important here...the Philadelphia Eagles.

My husband is an adorned fan. He has been to many the stadium and on the couch. He has supported them through their ups and their many downs. A true fan I tell ya. Since meeting him, I have been adopted into the Eagle fan clan and have earned a good bit of fan-fanella. (Yeah, that's my word).

My point?
The Eagles will be on TV today!!!!!!!!!
And we are EXCITED!!!

So to honor this special occasion and to make my husband feel like he's apart of the whole "Go Eagles!" stadium wave, we will be having a football Sunday dinner.

It is days like this that make me think back to when Mike and I first started dating...we would come up with crazy meals and themes like this for we just eat. It felt good to let go and enjoy the silliness like we used to before we became parents of some silly silly girls.

What's on the menu?
Oh...some good stuff.
(now, you have to read this in that obvious British butler accent ok, otherwise it doesn't have the same effect.)
***Today, you will be served grilled beer bratwurst topped with a saute mixture of fresh red peppers and sweet onions, cradled in a warm sandwich roll. Your sides consist of an ewy gooey macaroni and cheese and straight out of the can, warmed up in the microwave baked beans.  Here is your napkin, please enjoy.***

See, If you would have just read that in a normal accent, it would sound like it looks. A hotdog looking thing with shells and beans on a paper footbal themed plate. Hmm...fancy shmancy ho dinger.
Since we've been eating a little bit more wholesome these days, I admit its AWE-some to let go and eat something so good, but so bad for me. We agreed that this was our fun and that it would be a good while before we dove into a meal like that again. I'm sure I'll want to get up and go running to burn all 1300 calories that I'll probably engorge myself with. But...good times huh?
To be honest, I can't wait to do stuff like this with the girls. Game night, Movie night, camp get my drift. It's going to be fun.

So...have you done anything like this to spice up a night with your family?
 Share, share!!!!

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