Monday, January 24, 2011

Birthday Memories

Time flew by. The year was quick. January 18th came in the blink of an eye...but that's how life is on a regular basis, right? Nothing takes it's time anymore. However, on this day, we devoured the special-ness of it all.

Moma and Daddy made the trip up here to spend the weekend with us in celebration. "YAY!" suites my thoughts about that! There's just something about being able to watch your parents play with their grands...your children. It's priceless. Moments that deserve to be captured and savoured for all time.

Anyhoo...they had to leave Monday morning so Moma could get back to work on Tuesday. So, we did a pre-birthday party for the girls so Moma and Daddy could enjoy.

The girls had so much fun smashing their cupcakes. Pink icing-cicles dripping from their noses and pink-toothed grins...loved it!

And they did so well. There was zero icing or cupcake on the floor. I was a happy Moma!

On their birthday, January 18th, we did the actual birthday party. My neighbor made beautiful cakes for them in pink and green...

...and I made the traditional birthday dinner;  lasagna, garlic bread, and salad.

After their bellies were full of cheesy goodness, we let them at their cakes!

 Hope ate almost half of her cake and enjoyed it to the fullest. Once we got their hands all unstickified (you like my word don't you?!?), we let them open their presents. Between Christmas and now, they have gotten so good at opening up presents.  I'll let the pictures do the talkin'...

Cute huh?

I tried getting a picture of my girls so I could show them their first birthday..but...they didn't want to sit still long enough for a click of the flash. I spent a good day or two working on their dresses, I was so proud. This will do though.

We celebrated their birthday day together as a family, I on the other hand, celebrated the day they were born. It's amazing how God works wonders in to your life. You grow up wondering if you'll ever have a life with the "amazing" factor worked in some where; for some it's money, some a great job, and then those like me...I have an amazing family. I've been blessed already. Yes this year flew by quicker than I imagined it would, and so did their little party. But, I know that my girls are happy, loved beyond belief, and treasured for what they are...blessings from God.


P.S. Mike said to me last night before closing our eyes to dreamland...
"Do you realize how lively our house is going to become this year? Walking, talking and jibber jabbing, hoots and's gonna be fun!!!"

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  1. cute cake, cute outfits, cute girls!!! Happy birthday, sweet girls!


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