Friday, January 21, 2011

Shabby Valentine Garland

Valentines Day has always been one of the holidays that slips up on me. With Christmas being such a big to do with decorations and all...I tend to forget about getting the hearts and lovey dovey stuff up and shining through out the house. From what I've heard read, a lot of people have this problem.

Well this year, I vowed to not let this happen. With the girls here now, it's nice to have something catchy for them to look at. So Valentines will be all spiffy and chic this year. Definitely a first in my book. The winter theme is slowly being dismantled and the love is going up.

I don't have a lot allocated for decorating funds right now, so what does a frugal Moma do when she's in a crafty mood? Hit her stash of goodies!!! That's what!

I looked through all of my fabric remnants and pulled out all of the pieces that had anything to do with pink, white, red, and even a few pops of blue jean. I cut them into strips about an inch wide and probably 6 inches long. Remember, I said about.

Here they are sitting nicely in my basket.
I grabbed that pink ribbon that I used for the girls' birthday bunting...there was a lot left over..and it was pink. Moving on.

I tied a knot in the end so my fabric remnants wouldn't slide off. Then I started the tedious process of tieing a bunch of knots with my strips of pink.

Looking good so far. I made sure that I spread out the colors and mixed them all up. I didn't want any clumps of color in one spot . The time flew by because I was watching the Eagles in the playoffs...woot! It was in good manner that I sat beside Mike while doing this project. Letting him tie some knots along the way helped him from having a heart attack due to Eagle's lack of performance. No, really, it helped to keep him from yelling at the girls were sleeping.

Anyhoo...I made about 5 feet of this pink goodness.

For the ends, I wanted to make loops so hanging the garland would be a lot easier. Here's how I did it:
2-6"pieces of  ribbon
2-1" pieces of ribbon
hot glue
Glue the ends together with the smaller ribbon on the inside.

I applied a small line of glue in the center of the ribbon on the end and folded it over.
Take your 1" pieces and do the following...

This gives the garland a nice finished look and makes it easier to reuse over and over kind of decorations!

I can't wait to show you the finished product displayed lovely on my mantel.
Happy Almost Mid-January!!


  1. This is so cute! Love all the cute pink colors!

  2. How nifty, neat and sweet! Found your blog via tatertots & jello, glad to be your newest follower. Please consider linking up to my blog bash K.I.S.S.=Keep It Simple Sunday, hope to see you there. :)

  3. I love projects that don't cost a penny! :) Nice job! M*

  4. I just found your blog and it's adorable! I'm a military wife in SC too, so it's nice to find another out there :)


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