Friday, January 7, 2011

My New Years Resolution

Last night, I got my pen and paper and drafted out a short and sweet list of "to-do's" for the day to follow. Knowing that my husband would be home, I added things that I normally wouldn't be able to do if he weren't there. I'm usually able to get a lot more accomplished when he's home...this is becoming more and more the routine around here. Especially in the most recent weeks.

My list went a little something like this:
1. Clean the tubs and toilets
2. Sweep and mop kitchen
3. Put clean clothes away (result of this lady despising laundry)
4. List girls' toys on craigslist
5. Write a new post
6. Load Christmas and New Years pictures off of camera
7. Hang curtain rods? (this one is my hubby's)

Not too bad huh?
Well, I finished the list and went to bed thinking that because of this list that my "to-dos" were finally going to get done.

When I woke up this morning, I heard it right away. Tink, tink, tink....It was raining. When I went to let the dogs out...whew!!! It hit me. Brrrr! It was freezing outside.

Getting the girls up and at 'em, fed, and in the living room to the area that Daddy likes to call their "pen." As if they're wild animals or not true. *wink wink* I took a gander at my list and glanced back in the pen area. My girls were cuddled in their blankets with Daddy on the floor.
I looked back at my list of to-do's and thought...they can totally wait.

I have had a lot of these moments lately. Our little family is growing up so quickly and when we are all together, I feel like each moment should be taken in and absorbed. Some might say, go get the stuff done, they'll be there when you get back. But, these are the moments. The ones that add up and eventually lead to a whole day that I'll have missed.

The moments I get to spend with my family playing tickle monster or just a simple snuggle moment on the floor is worth more than the enjoyment of the feeling of accomplishment after I clean the kitchen or put my last load of laundry away. They are the moments that will emboss a permanent memory and love locket in my heart. The one's that I'll recall when I'm old and gray.
So, honestly, why would I want to miss them?

I feel like most people forget to savor the moments. Life in general for most people has become extremely too focused on the busy factor and the important part of their life is slowly sifting out the door. The moments of their life that can't be returned. The job will always be there, the clothes will sit there and will still be there when you're ready to fold them. The dishes...they're just dishes. The messages that await you in your inbox will be there when you're ready to read them.
But, that laugh and giggle, the first little step that your little girl makes, the first wink she gives, the silly grin...once it happens, it's passed. No returns or exchanges.

There are a lot of projects and crafts that I would like to start this week and month. Ideas are overwhelming me at the moment. I would {heart} to get my happy tail in that craft room I've created for myself and get lost in some of those projects.
However, I also want to enjoy time with my girls.

* I would love to get to the grocery store in the mornings when all of the sales are fresh on the racks instead of picking through whats left in the evening.
* I would love to have my house cleaned and put together all. the. time.
* I would love to sit and write enough posts to cover the rest of the month..cause I have that many ideas  written out.
* I would love to sit and make more products to list on my boutique that isn't doing as well as I had prayed it would.

But...I also want to enjoy time with my girls. So...I do.
I could allow myself to get all worked up and stressed out because I don't get to do what I want majority of the time. I don't though. Me time is a gift...a privilege. It's all a part of remember that chapter out of the  mysterious manual that no some one gives us when we give birth to our first born?  Yeah that one.

With New Years come and gone, most people are currently working on their list of resolutions. Get to the gym more often, eat healthier, create a new budget, tackle this and that...but does anyone have the most important one on their list? "Let go and enjoy my time with my family."

Well, I have done exactly that. I have put one and only one resolution on my list this year. It focuses in on what should have been main focus

My to-do list can wait.

Don't you think we deserve to grasp all those small and big moments and cherish them for what they are...lovely irreplaceable memories.

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