Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stolen Moments

Each night before I go to bed, I gently turn the door knob and slowly tip toe into their room. A quiet and dark room filled with baby goodness and sweet dreams. The only light from the glow of the butterfly nightlight by a crib. Quaint little sighs and soft breaths of sleeping babes. I set myself down into the rocker and attempt to take it all in...every last breath of it. And in those quiet little moments, my heart becomes filled with more love and joy. To think that I am the one these angels will look up to one day. They're gonna watch me put on make up, watch me put on my pearls, watch me mixing up a recipe for baking all the while asking me all the who's, whats, whens, whys and where...Oh...can't leave out the how. *smirk*

I knew they would grow fast, but its been fast. This is it though. Moments like this when I can sit and watch them both and whisper into their dreams how much I, their Moma, adores them. These are my stolen moments...all mine.
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