Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our Christmas Adventure

Another Christmas has yet again, come and gone, and all the hoot and hollar, the stampedes of i-a-wannas and got-ta-have-ems was even more crazier than the years before...and we're in the recovery stages of a recession. Yeah..mmm hmmm.

This year Christmas was an unusual one for sure. We made plans. Thought 'em all out and got all hyped about the whole ordeal. Christmas was even part of last years new years resolutions. Crazy, I know. We all know and are very familiar though, that plans don't always go as they are....planned. Life, right?!?

Remember this post? "Oh we're getting ready to go to...FLORIDA?"
 Well...let's start with Mike's lovely shop.

Grit my teeth and call me Toodles...Mike's shop just down right messed up the holiday schedule for everyone. Really? Let's have everyone come in on Christmas Eve and check in just because we're ignorant and like to take our rank to the roof and back we can. Some where in the Air Force AFI (that's guidelines and rules for the Air Force life just so you know) it states that an airman has to check in after 4 days away from the job...or so they say *scrunched face*. To the point...I'm going...instead of leaving like we had planned, we decided to stay home until Christmas Eve so that we wouldn't have to spend an extra $150 on gas  by driving all the way back up to SC to check in. *smile/smirk*

Hey...but what do I always say? Everything happens for a reason. Yes. It. Does.

We decided to go ahead and let the girls open their presents from Moma and Daddy. I love watching the girls' eyes when the paper starts rattling. It's just precious!

What we got the girls was small and mild. They're only 11 months. We resisted the urge to go out and blow our paycheck on ...ahem So this is what they got.
1. Singa-ma-jigs from our awesome neighbor, Jan.
2. Little baby butterfly dolls with crinkly wings...Savannah's favorite.
3. The Tickle Monster kit equipped with furry tickle monster gloves
4. Big hugs from Moma and Daddy in thankfulness for being so blessed with two precious earthly angels.

After accepting the fact that my first plans of spending a week in Florida were adjusted, there was more news that oh so gracefully made it's way as an encore.
The night before we were to leave for Florida, Moma and Daddy let me know that the flu had welcomed itself into their rude! Apparently, everyone had it or had had it and was in the "getting over it" stages. YUCK!!!

Even little Colton was getting it, poor little man. So, all in all, out of best interest for my girls, we canceled our trip to Florida all together. Remember...everything happens for a reason? Well, the schedule mishap was the delay that we needed to keep from tossing our girls and ourselves into a salad of germs and whatever else was floating around. And once again, Florida was going to have to wait yet another year for me to be "home for Christmas."

We made a quick decision to turn our trip around and head North Mike's family. Boy was his Mom Mom surprised...can you see her face?

His Dad was shocked too, even though he knew we were coming.

Savannah jumped right into all of the festivities when we put her down.
Hope was all about playing with Uncle Mark, that's Mike's Dad's Brother. She played with him the entire time.

Christmas morning we went down to Mom Mom and Pop Pops for breakfast and simply enjoyed Christmas. I couldn't resist sharing Hope's smile with yall. This is her cheese smile. I'm totally loving it and it makes me want to eat her up.

On Sunday, we went to church to let Mom Mom show off her greats. Mike's Aunt Nancy was there and she was able to finally see her nieces. Nancy has been battling cancer for the past year and half. We were thankful that the girls were able to finally meet her. She's a special woman and full of praise and love.

Our trip was short and sweet, but I was glad Mike was able to be with his family for Christmas. As crazy as our holiday week started off, it ended pretty well.

The last picture before we loaded everyone in the truck...lovely hairdos huh? Sweet baby hair.
Love you Pop Paw!!


  1. So glad you had a great Christmas in spite of the changes of plans! Your girls are adorable! :)

  2. What a fun Xmas. I've always been a very planned, don't mess w/ my agenda kind of person and as you've learned w/ the life of twins expect anything. I hope you enjoyed it even though it wasn't what you had planned.
    Happy New Years to your cutie pie family!


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