Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Sock Monster Bliss

They come in a lot of colors.
Some with stripes.
Some with ruffles atop.
Some with cute appliques on the sides.

Mine, are mostly white and usually unseen.

My girls always have socks on their feet. That is until they feel that their toes need a breath of fresh air. This moment can arise at any point of the day. There are times when I get them from their naps and only one foot will be sockless. Then there are times when their socks just magically appear in the middle of the living room floor or like today...all the way down the hallway.

 Usually you'll hear people complain about the dryer turning into a huge sock monster, well, not at my house. In our case, it's the two little munchkins that live in the bedroom at the end of the hall. Behind that door, there are two little sunshine's that enjoy socks of all colors and will gladly spread their wealth with all that want it. My girls, AKA, the Sock Monsters, LOVE all mismatched and even matching pairs. They prefer them to openly lie in the middle of the walkway for all dogs, baby toes and Moma's feet to walk over and smile about.

A couple of years ago, this site wouldn't have even crossed my mind and probably would have driven me crazy. But today, I am content that I am the mother to the most beautifulest sock monsters ever and laugh with giggles and snorts because I have sock after sock all through out my house.


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  1. I have one child, that when he was younger, would manage to walk around for hours with only one sock on. It never seemed to bother him that he wasn't "balance"...which, of course, drove me A type personality nuts! Now, that my boys are older I am amazed at the placed I find socks and that after all the "lost" ones I find that they even have socks to wear!
    I popped over from Southern Mommas and hope you will come visit me!

  2. So cute, I am the worst sock monster in our house - hate to admit that!
    Thanks for stopping by Erika...with a K, I wanted to let you know that i got my daughter's duvet covers from Land of Nod. They have some really cute stuff!


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