Monday, January 31, 2011

An Amazing Weekend for the Books

Oh what a wonderful weekend we had! The temperature got all the way up to 66 and boy was I happy. We were able to manage a nice walk around the neighborhood yesterday...something we haven't done since October I believe. The weather was beautiful!

Last week, Mike was overwhelmed with homework from his class leaving very little time for family. SO this weekend was all about reconnecting. Friday night was a blast! We grilled in the early evening and let the girls sit up at the table with us in their booster seats. Their little faces were all lit up with that "I'm such a big girl" about mixed emotions for that excitement. *smile*

They had their first bites of steak and green bean casserole. Quite a success. I think Hope is officially a green bean monster. I couldn't get them to her fast enough. I was tempted to let them feed themselves, but I'm still struggling with the whole food mess thing. I know...I should get over it already but it's hard. For now, we'll keep the messes on the tile where a mop can easily swipe it away.

Anyhoo...we caught the movie Monsters Inc. right at the beginning and boy were they hooked. It's not very often that the girls are still enough to where they'll cuddle up in our laps, but they were all about this movie and sat all snuggly and warm in Moma and daddy's laps with their blankets. (I was eating it up!) However, that only lasted all but 10 minutes.

Don't you just love those toothless smiles...I'll be sad the day when all of her teeth are there.

Then they were all over the floor dancing and jumping, giggling and snorting at the movie. Savannah even managed to weasel her way into their book basket. Hmm...

It was such a fun night that we let them stay up til 9 only because they were so lively and in good moods. We had so much fun. When I layed in bed later on, I thought to myself....

"these are the moments that are only here for a short moment. Gone in a blink of an eye. I am so blessed to have such a silly and loving family. Thank you Lord."

On Saturday, we got up and went to breakfast at Cracker Barrell. The girls enjoyed their pancakes while Moma and Daddy enjoyed their coffee. Yum yum!!!

After breakfast, we ventured out to the Tanger Outlets to do some shopping. We hit up Old Navy and got the girls some summer clothes with their birthday gift card. The girls found some glasses that they wanted...

 I was even able to find a nice semi formal dress and a cute pair of shoes for Mike's graduation ceremony (I'll share more about that later).  It was a great day. The girls were awesome!

When we got home, the girls and I played with their new puppets that Mom-Maw got them and worked a little with some hairbows. The girls were so excited to help Moma out. They even organized my ribbon to their liking...hee hee!

We opened all of the windows and enjoyed the brisk air that was blowing all through the house. It almost felt like fall weather and we all know how amazing that is. *smile*

I love weekends because that's two whole days where the four of us are together all day and night. I get to see all of the girls accomplishments and goofy acts all day, everyday. Mike only sees what happens between 4:30 and 7:30 at night. The weekends are like catchup for him...and he loves it (so do I).

When the weather is this wonderful, it makes our much loved weekends that much  better.
Before we started our good nite routine last night, the girls found their Daddy's hat and had to take turns trying it on. It won't be long til they make their way into his know that classic picture. One day!

What did you do this weekend? How was your weather? I hope it was as wonderful as ours. If you were those that were stuck in that dreary winter weather, I pray you stayed warm.

Happy Monday Everyone! What a great kick-off to a great week!

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  1. We had gorgeous weather too! Lily loved playing outside.

    Looks like ya'll had a great weekend! :)


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