Thursday, February 10, 2011

Figuring Things Out

I love watching my girls....they're playing with each other now. Showing toys to one another. And slowly but surely, figuring out how things work and how things happen.

For instance...
A camera. It takes my picture, but first it makes this bright light go and off super quick. Therefore, I must smile extremely BIG and squint my eyes.

This is Hope's thinking.

I love it! She's so mine.

Savannah isn't as crazy about the camera as Hope-a-licious. She will continue doing whatever it is she's doing to provide you with an "in action" shot. Clever girl.

Like here for instance. She's showing Hank that he is supposed to play with the ball. "This is how you roll it Bubba!"

Have a blessed Sunday!

We'll be back to normal around here soon. We just gotta get rid of these sniffles and coughs. Lot's of luvins to yall!

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  1. Hope is ADORABLE. Bubba didn't seem too into the ball though!


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