Friday, February 18, 2011

Gettin' Better Yall

Slowly but surely, we are gettin' better yall!
We are slowly kickin' that bug out the door.

Today our house is full of sunshine and fresh air.

Laughing and giggles.
Smiles and just a little bit of runny noses.

We have welcomed some new plants inside to bring in a lil' bit of freshness to the house.

The high today is supposed to reach 77.
We're planning on a walk and some swing time.
It's time to take back what's ours....

...being healthy.

Things will be getting back to normal around here soon.
I've got some good recipes to share and projects I've been working on.
Oh how we're sick of being...sick. *smile*

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.
is on it's way and we're

Some others things to keep in mind:

* Keep baby Levi in your prayers.

Kelly over at Joyful Adorations little boy needs your prayers.
He's been in the hospital this week with a long list of problems.

** My friend Gretta and her family are in need of your prayers.

*** My husband has surgery scheduled for March 23rd. Please pray for that. Not going to be easy transition with the girls and all but with His shoulder to lean on, anything is possible.

Have a great weekend yall!


  1. Glad to hear that you guys are feeling better. Have a great weekend!

  2. Thank you so much for the fun news this morning that I had won your giveaway at . What a sweet treat to find in my email box! I've sent you my addy but wanted to thank you here as well - and let you know y'all are in my prayers - especially with the upcoming surgery.

    Thanks again :) :) :)


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