Friday, February 25, 2011

Lovin' My Notepad from Southern Simplicity!!

 The last time I went home, my Moma gave me a really cool notepad set that she had made especially for me. I was so excited that I completely forgot to share it with yall! I know, talk about horrible lady.
Hi! I'm Kristen and I forget almost everything.
It's adorable! I told her she should make them to share with in her shop 
They are perfect for the avid note taker; perfect for shopping lists, devotionals, journaling, anything really.

The inside has a notepad on the right for all your notes.

On the left, there is a pocket and a coordinating paper clip.

I keep mine on my nightstand. Works out great since I usually have a thousand ideas running through my mind right as I'm attempting to drift off.

It fits perfect in my church bag for sermon notes...

I am totally loving my little personalized notepad...

...can you tell?!?

Almost as much as I love my Moma (NOT!!!).
You'll love her too!

Check out her handmade cards, tags, and personalized notepads at

She's only been open a few weeks, but she's ready and set for the perfect orders. Give her some lovin won't 'cha!

And just for the next two days, enter HOPE11and get a 10% discount. Just enter your code at checkout.

P.S.: Notepads like the one featured are custom ordered.

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