Monday, February 21, 2011

The "Sick" Kit

The past 2 weeks have been miserable. My poor baby girls have been going through the worst bout of colds that I could have imagined. Fevers, boogies, runny noses, tears (LOTS), night sweats, tummy aches, loss of appetite. You name it, they've had it. Pedialyte masked with mango Juicy Juice was been their only drink of choice.

I'm so thankful that they are better and we're back to jumping and crawling and dancing and talking.
Realizing that your babies are sick is not a fun idea...but what's almost worse is realizing that you have nothing to ease their woes or tame those pesky fevers. When I opened up my cabinet to reach for the Tylenol and saw I had none. I cried. I was SO not prepared for this.

Here my baby Hope had a fever of 103.3 and Moma had zero Tylenol. I felt wretched!!! I pretty much kicked Mike out the door to run to CVS...he got back only to realize that I was sending him back for Pedialyte and Motrin.

All of this frantic mess and fear to the roof would have and could have been eased if I would have been ready with a Sick Kit. I realized that night how important it is to have these things on hand.Ready for anything...even if you go a whole year. When the time comes quick!

So, this Moma has made her kit, The Sick Kit. For the whole family.
It's not a big one, but it contains the important items for instances like this week.

Items include:
- Baby Tylenol         - Baby Motrin
- Baby gas med        - Thermometer
- Pedialyte               - Gatorade
- Vick's Vapor Rub   - Wipes
- Cough Drops         - Throat Spray
- Sinus Spray           - Mucinex
- Zicam

If you have this stuff on hand when a cold or the crazy flu bug attacks your safe haven, you'll be ready to fight back...right away instead of making last minute trips to fetch meds or "make me feel betters."

Things to keep in mind:
* Every month check the expiration dates on your meds in the box.
* Rotate your drinks; they have expiration dates too
* Keep Doctors numbers available in case you need to make a quick appointment.
* Check your Sunday sales papers for medicine coupons every week. There are usually a few in there.


  1. Kristen- So glad your little ones are back to normal! I'm your Gussy Sews winner. I couldn't find your email, and messaged you through your etsy shop. Thanks a bunch!!

  2. Kristen, oh my goodness. Wow. What a tough couple of weeks you have had. I am so glad to hear that hope and savannah are feeling a bit better. That is super nuts. I pray this week will be a good one. I just thought that you should add triple paste (diaper cream) to the list...In case they get a bit poopy. My little guy has thoroughly tested every diaper cream on the market..the triple paste being the last one! Thankfully it has worked like a charm. He didn't have a rash..but they are more like large burns! It is horrible! it was red until the other day when it got purple in the center..I almost freaked out. He was screaming and crying every time I changed him. It was horrible. but, this triple paste has worked like a charm and we will use it until this clears up. anyway, praying for your girls. :)


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