Thursday, March 3, 2011

Learning as Fun

The girls have been doing so well lately. They're starting to feel better and their overall mood is so much brighter. They're a blast to play with right now.

Savannah and her crazy hair do

I've been working with them with their letters, colors, and numbers and they're really enjoying it when I teach/play with them during the day. I enjoy watching them learn something makes me proud.
Miss Hope...AKA: The Cheerio Monster

The girls do have a lot of toys to play with...but most of them are versatile toys. Meaning they can either be played with point blank, or they can be incorporated into a learning situation. These are the toys that I prefer because I feel that it is never too early to begin teaching your children.

For Christmas, the girls were given several learning toys; wooden puzzles, alphabet blocks, ABC Stackers. Talk about one happy Moma! I was almost as excited as they were. However, you can take something as simple as a jar and water and turn it into a learning toy. You don't always have to have the expensive or common learning manipulative's.

If you are looking for some learning products to purchase, Amazon is a very reasonable place to find them. Here are some items I recommend. 

1: Melissa and Doug Alphabet Stacking Blocks  The girls have these and LOVE them. They are great for stacking of course. Learning the letters on the box. Size ratios. Placing items into something else (Savannah's Favorite) and height.
2: Infantino Matching Cards These are awesome for a number of reasons; matching, sensory, hand-eye coordination.
3: Counting Bears Manipulative's Just a nice set to have for counting, colors, and so much more.
4: Green Sprouts Stacking Cups Learning to stack times is a very important motor skill. Helps to improve their concentration as well.
5: Smart Splash Ducks I like to use what ever time I have to incorporate learning...
bath time is one extra slot.
6: Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker "Perfect for building shape, color and size differentiation skills." Amazon
7.:  "My First" Flashcards Flash cards can be used in a variety of ways...I love them!!

Here are some things that you can use that are right here in your house:

1: Simple bowls for stacking, holding objects, hiding toys...and much more!
2: Food coloring can be used for numerous activities. Water color painting, coloring water in reused empty water bottles, and more.
3: Measuring cups from the kitchen are perfect for learning the difference in sizes. Practicing pouring liquids. Scooping up sand or dirt.

There are a multitude of items that you already have that are perfect for teaching your children the simplistics.

Make it fun!
Make it interesting!
All while keeping it inexpensive.

Have fun and enjoy this short time with your little ones. They'll be teaching you something before you realize it!

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  1. Savannah is very cute, I really love her smile. Keep it up, good read.
    Darvon Recall


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