Monday, March 21, 2011

Sometimes I Wonder...

Why God created me to be a mother. Sometimes I wonder why and sometimes I see the evidence clear as day.

Bearing through some rough magnesium and crazy intense contractions

Seeing our beautiful miracles for the first time
Perfectly clear

Diaper bills ranging between $60-75 or more a month.
Laughing at the adorable diaper bottoms that make their way through my living room.
Perfectly clear.
See those saggy stinkin' adorable!!!
 The 2:30 a.m. mornings where I'm practically sleep walking into their room.
Realizing how special those moments are and how swiftly they're passing by.
Perfectly clear.

I wonder...why I am the only one that seems to NOT have that magical power of sleeping through midnight baby jabber. Why am I always the one that is called to get up just to say, "lay down and go back to sleep?"

Why am I the one that has a non-existent gag reflux? It seems like I am the only one capable of cleaning up a diaper blow-out and that poop smeared on my shirt only brings a giggle to my walk. Mike would more thank likely puke.

Why am I the only one that seems to know that you have to cut the pancakes up instead of placing the whole thing in front of a 14 month old?

Why? Oh, why?
Though there are times when exhaustion may cloud my smile, I wake up every morning so excited to see the new and improved snaggle tooth smiles awaiting my
"Good morning! Let the sun shine in!" jingle.
My baby girls are a constant reminder that God is
so good, so good , so good!

To be their Moma is a privilege and something that I wish to NEVER be undone.


  1. You have it all in perspective Kristen! You are sooo blessed! So very, very blessed!!!!

    Happy Spring!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow, Kristen!!! I'm just emailing you from the Love and Envelopes Birthday Club. I'm sending you a little something and it'll get to you this week (sorry it'll be a little late).

    Enjoy your very special day!



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