Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Unexpected Birthday Fun

Even through the times when laughter and fun seems inappropriate, unreachable or unfair to others...the sun still shines through. 

Look at my rays of sunshine...

                                             aren't they beautiful!?!
Savannah's stern look...pooched lips just like Moma.
 "My" day was spent with these two little ones...just us. Daddy is still in the hospital. I could have been disgruntle and negative that I was alone with no celebration to enjoy. But come one...look at my party!
Hope's "Hey Moma! We're Outside!!!" scream...so funny!
They threw me an amazing party...
an all day kind of party of giggles, wiggly toes, cheesy grins, squinty eyes, sweet air kisses, snuggly hugs that linger, soft baby touches, and a water show to end it all.
What more could I ask for...honestly?

And here's a few other clips from my special day with my two special ladies.

There will probably never be another year when I have the opportunity to spend my birhday with my girls like I did this year. They're teaching more about my heart than I ever thought was possible. My heart desires nothing more than to love them more.

Talk about an awesome birthday!


  1. SO glad you had an awesome birthday! I hope Mike is doing ok - didn't realize he had surgery.

  2. Yes, those girls are just BEAUTIFUL! We are such lucky mamas. I hope Mike is okay and whatever he had done isn't too serious. Loves and prayers to your family.
    HaPpY bIrThDaY!!!!


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