Friday, April 1, 2011

Breathe in...breathe out...

You're never fully aware of how much stress your heart, body, and soul can endure until you have faced it all...or so what you think is "all." (make sense?) This past week has been one crazy week I tell ya that.  I told a friend last night hat I felt like someone has covered me up with a  blanket of sleepiness.

My husband went in last Wednesday for a pretty traumatic surgery. He previously had a condition called pectis excavatum...pretty much his chest was a little concave, now he is what he likes to call,
"a man of steel, steel, steel."
(that's the superhero way of's an echo ok *wink*)

My husband is amazing. He is strong and determined to move forward. I, for the first time, had to sit and watch him endure unimaginable pain knowing there was nothing I could do. Talk about hard to do.

He's doing amazing though. I want to thank you all for sending your prayers and loving thoughts. Your grace is uplifting. Instead of feeling completely alone, I felt your love surrounding my family. So, thank you. During the times when I felt I had zero energy left, this is was filled your shoes *smile*

Lots and lots of DD's coffee.

I am proud though to say that this tough road has drawn me closer than ever to my Lord. I felt drained, alone, and at my wits end. He provided strength and patience to wait and care for my girls.
While the hubby was recovering from his surgery, this is where the girls and I lived. So cozy and homey feeling...
A bed of blankets and pillows galore!
It was here that we wrestled with each other giggling and cackling.

It was here that we realized that "she" has ears like I do. *smile*

It was here that we all rested together and slept close and snug to prepare ourselves for the day to follow.

We're home now. Mike is doing so good. Little movement on his end of course, but doing well. I'm so extremely grateful for everyone that prayed for his recovery and strength to do so. God has blessed our family with the love of wonderful strangers as well as long distanced friends. You all are so appreciated and loved beyond belief.

Over the next couple of weeks, my blog might feel neglected as you might too. I want to reassure you that I am here. I'm reading. I'm praying with you. I smiling, crying, and laughing with all of you. I will give what I can and when I can to keep you updated with our family and Mike's progress. Until then...breathe in...breathe out.

A specal thanks to my #511hsv sisters. Your prayers go noticed and gracioulsy accepted.

With love....


  1. I had missed reading about your hubby's surgery. I am praying that he recovers quickly. Yes, it is great to feel the prayers of fellow Christians...especially in our times of need.

    I loved the picture of the girls when they were sleeping all tangled up like that. Kids can be such wild little sleepers.

    I know you must be exhausted...from all of the recent stress. I am praing that you can have some rest and some times of refreshment soon.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  2. Glad things are going well... prayers for stregth and comfort in the nest few weeks!


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