Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I've lost track of the days, the time, and there was honestly one day I thought it was already May. You could take that as a good or bad sign.
Good: I've become completely absorbed in the happenings here at the Barrett Ranch
(and ranch I mean our little piece of suburban property *smile*)
Bad: I've gone completely insane and have reached the final point to where my mind is sadly disappeared.
I know it's been a while since I've sat down and talked with yall...like a long while. So here's what we've been up to.

We had to make another trip Raleigh for Mike's followup appointment. All things are good. His doctor was happy. Praise the Lord! While we were up there, we made a shopping trip to Trader Joes...EEEK!!!

I was sooooo excited! What makes me even more happier is there are plans for one to be built here in Mount Pleasant. *Happy dance!*
Our play time in the hotel room consisted of learning how to step up on a step and hide behind curtains. Too cute!
When we got back, we saw that...da da da da !

Spring is full bloom here.
Everywhere I look I see beauty. In the trees, the garden, the flowers...Oh it's so breath takingly audacious!
We've been hanging outside alot this week. The weather has been perfect and the girls are loving it up. Running around (more like speed walking) and wearin gthemselves out which is perefctly fine with me *smile*

We have broccoli blooming...

We've been slug hunting...
(seriously have)

Mike is doing great and trying to hold his girls the only way he can.

He's doing wwhat he can around the house and garden.

The girls got a kitchen...$25 off of Craigslist yeah!!!

We've been enjoying our bountiful lettuce harvest.

And everyonce and a while, you might find me enjoying Mike's new Cracker Barrel rocker...
doesn it make me look old? *wink*

So, I hope that yall are well. I'm so sorry it's been forever but I'm sure you understand. Sometimes you have to just unplug and enjoy life without the extra toppings.
God Bless!

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