Friday, May 27, 2011

A Friday Full of Randomness

FYI: Our internet is being super quirky today so I have ZERO pictures to share with you unfortunately. Please accept my apologies...Time Warner is just not on my cool list these days.
It's not often that you'll find me sitting here. I'm not granted this opportunity very often. It is quite rare that I wake before the girls in the early morning. But for some reason I'm up and they're not and this Moma ain't complaining!

I'm sitting on the back porch enjoying the morning sunrise. I have my hot coffee in the my hand and I'm being serenaded by the sounds that remind me of home: Crickets, birds, that wood pecker is back again this year, and oh...what is that? The sounds of sirens...Just kidding!

For some reason I woke up with a bad headache this morning. Not sure why...I'm probably dehydrated or something. I could say, "that's a bad sign for the day ahead," but I don't believe in signs unless they're old, distressed, and look cute hanging in my living room.

I'm pretty sure it'll pass though.

Our Memorial Day weekend will be pretty relaxed the year...We've asked ourselves a lot here lately if we're showing signs of early aging...we'd rather stay home than go out and play *smile* My thinking is:
Why go out or somewhere else when the real party is right here:
We have our dancer-
We have our singer-
We have the comedian-
And coming in last, we have the cook-

That's all of the ingredients we need for "the time of your life!"
Am I wrong?

Blog land is full of summer lists and check offs that include all sorts of sentiments and milestones of fund and silly achievements. Some have even come up with adorable checklists or tins to hold all of tehir tricks and trades. They're pretty nifty if you ask me, but you're not so I'll move on. I thought for a while about our summer plans...take a look.

The Barrett's Summer Plan of Attack
1. Pressure wash the house
2. Dig up those pests
3. Tear down the deck
4. Clean the grill grates
5. Wash up the grill --Hello Mr. Charcoal
6. Travel to Maryland; 11-12 hour drive
7. Wash the King: AKA the four wheeler

Yeah that's all the fun excitement  and fun that I can think of right now. Can you tell my coffee is kicking in? I might have to make this morning-deck thing a regular appearance. I think the gecko is enjoying my company...or maybe the smell of my coffee. Hmm...

Anyhoo..our adventures to the garden plot was a success yesterday evening. We picked our first tomato of the year. WOOHOO!!!And Mike's jalapeno pepper plant was so happy happy joy joy to see him walk up he hopped right off his branch...into the hands of Prince Michael.
Well folks, that pretty much wraps up my peaceful morning. I'm being summoned by the Prince as I speak to welcome the the little princesses to their new day. I hope your Friday is full of Fun...just kidding! Now really...sweet luvins!!! Have a blessed day!

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