Thursday, May 19, 2011

I've returned from the unknown...

Awhh...I's been a good while since my fingers have even been able to ponder thoughts of coordinating a message to you lovely readers. Life here in our house is slowly coming to a "back-to-normal" state of mind (or what is considered the new norm).
Let me tell you...I've had my moments where my insanity has taken over and the other lady that lives in this aging body of mine has erupted full form. I have learned more about myself within the past 2 1/2 months than I have in my entire life. SOOOO ka-razyyyyy!!!! But looking back, I am so glad that everything has happened as it may. I was confused during the ride but now I have a better glimpse of God's purpose and reasoning behind it all.
Oh, what? I can't say. It's between Him and I. *wink*

So...what have we been doing? Let me see...
Our garden is blossoming like you wouldn't believe.

Yes...that is the beef steak that looks like a big tree

Our Beef Steak tomato plant is the size of a woolly mammoth *chuckle* My Daddy would be so proud. We've been enjoying sugar snap peas, romaine lettuce, banana peppers and green beans. I even made my first batch of pepper relish. It's delicious!!! I will be sharing the recipe for a one jar production later in this post.

The girls have been busy and keeping me on my toes. I knew we'd eventually get to this point so I was ready for them. We've been doing a lot of outside time. Mike and I got them some new outside toys and do-dahs.

Some sidewalk chalk that they haven't quite figured out yet. That's ok though. It's still entertaining just to watch them play with it. Maybe the grass would enjoy being written on :)
What do you think?

Hank has had some issues lately. It all when he ate my one and only expensive purse that have ever owned. My itsy bitsy teenyweeny Coach wristlet. Yepper! He ate the whole thing! After a night in the ER, we realized that he had an underlying back problem. Silly dog!
Needless to say, he's on "cage" rest until he shows signs of improvement. We're going on 3 weeks now.
The girls fell in love with the dogs travel cage. One whole hour of in and out, in and out. Daddy even joined in on the fun.

Talk about giggles and cackles! I was lucky to remember to grab the video camera.

The girls love love love being outside! We've been truly blessed with amazing weather this month.

They are growing so fast. They're 16 months now...hard to believe!
They're dancing, singing, counting (in babble form), signing, and much more!

Savannah is saying "Baby" now. Mark that as her first word. Hope has perfected "uh-oh!"
Their hair is laying on the back of their necks now....getting long!

Mike and I are so happy with our girls. They remind us everyday how blessed we are. We have a home that is full of grace, full of laughter, but mostly, full of LOTS of

Things have slowed down so hopefully I'll be able to blog more about the fun things we're doing and whipping up to eat. I've missed sharing all of our craziness with yall. But no worries...

I'm back !!!


  1. I HAVE MISSED YOU!!!!!!! Glad you're back! :)

  2. Hi Kristen Sweetie...
    Oh I am so thrilled to see you and the girls too. How much they have grown. They are really getting big, and look at all that hair. I love it. They look so sweet playing in the sprinkler (previous post) and in and out of the dog crate. That was cute, and I bet they really got a kick out of seeing Daddy join in as well.

    You look wonderful too sweetie. Love seeing your garden. Your tomatoes look wonderful. I have one tomato plant in a cage in a pot, on the patio. It has about 9 tomatoes now, and I can't wait. I have been so hungry for GREAT tomatoes.

    I have missed you. I haven't had a dashboard for over 5 months, so didn't have your link. It just popped up tonight. Don't know when it will be back, but wanted to do a little catching up in the meantime.

    Many hugs sweetie and so much love, Sherry


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