Friday, May 20, 2011

Our Safe Haven

This past month, our neighborhood has been cursed with the unfortunate case of coincidental burglaries. It's truly a sad. In the past I've never really sat and thought about having our house broken into or all the what ifs in the case that it happened.

The house directly across from us what broken into at 3 in the afternoon the middle of the day
...right out in the open.
 It really freaked me out.

Your house is your haven. It's your home. Your one area of true comfort. The one place that closes you off from off the insecurities of this sick disastrous loony toon messed up lost world we live in and provides you with a safeguard. A place that shouldn't cause question.

But what happens when the security of your little corner of the world has been breached? How do you react? How do you feel?
My neightbor felt violated. She felt scared. As a single mother trying to provide a safe home for her little girl, she felt helpless and in a small way unfit. After her whole ordeal, I felt scared as well. I might be home everyday to keep tabs on our corner lot
... but what if it still happened?
What would I do?
Would I be able to react in a calm and swift manner to prtect my girls as I should? It's a weary thought to run through your mind.

What makes me upset even more is...

Ya know? But we do.

So, in prevative measures and as a Moma to little girls that I want to keep safe and protect...we started looking at our home and how safe it really is as a secure landing.

Changes that we've made since:
- Locks on fence gates.
- Keeping blinds closed during the darker hours and while we're away.
- Insuring ALL windows are closed and locked all the time.
- Keeping doors locked ALL the time.
- Installed a new securtiy system.
- Gun saftey.
- Talks about the situation

It's improtant. It's sad too. To be honest, I have never had to live like this. I grew up where I only had like 3 neighbors and we never worried about break-ins, theft or any security of that matter. It just didn't happen. So it's a tough battle for me to face now. I know that I'm safe with my Lord. I know that His eyes are on my family and home. It just erks me to know that there are people out there that enjoy messing up families homes to get a temporary high.

Have you had trouble like this in your area before? What sort of preventative mearures do you take to keep your home secure and safe?

I would LOVE suggestions or any comments really. I do apologize though for being so "grrr!" about the whole thing.


  1. Hey girl! I completely understand what you are going through! We have had lots of robberies in our neighborhood over the several years we've lived here. Neighbors across the street and beside us have been broken in to, but thankfully the Lord has protected our home. My bro-in-law's ipod was stolen out of his car when it was parked in our driveway one night, but that is all we've suffered.
    It does make you think and want to prepare and be able to keep your babies safe! We've done everything you listed that y'all have done. We don't have a garage so it's sometimes scary for me to come home at night alone with 2 kids to get inside. But we have 3 security lights and 2 dogs so that helps me not be so worried. Also, we keep our cars locked at all times. A bunch of neighbors have had their cars broken into numerous times because they left them unlocked.

  2. Oh I know what you are saying Kristen! It is a sad and corrupt world these days. In our town we have a rapist running around in a black ski mask and at knife point he has raped two women in daylight hours. We all need to pray for safety...take safety measures and be cautious and aware of our surroundings.

  3. Im sorry hun! One of my fears have always been having my house broken into. It's horrible that someone would even do that!


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