Monday, June 13, 2011

A Weekend and a Menu Plan- June 13

As my husband walked out the door this morning, he looked at me and said,
 "This weekend flew by, but it was great! I love you!"

Those are the words that I love to hear. All of them. Sometimes the most treasured moments are the ones where you're doing absolutely nothing with your family. Those "nothing" moments turn into the most treasured memories that are remembered forever.

Bathing suits
Grass between our toes
Giggles and snorts.

That's what it's all about.

Last week I shared the menu that I wrote out for the whole month of June. This is only my second time doing this and first time actually following it through out the week. It helps to have this planned when I'm trying to plan out the rest of my days and routines. No guessing. No rushing. No spur-of-the moment take-out. Good, home cooked, whole, and nutritious meals hot and ready to eat...just as planned.

This week we'll be having:
Tacos and Frito salad (will share the recipe on Saturday)
Spaghetti bake (freezer meal)
No cooking- Special reason
Pineapple Chicken Stew
Buffalo chicken
Hamburgers and home fries

On Friday, I'll be sharing how I plan out my weekly/monthly menu. It's an easy process and takes no time at all to plan and mark out. Happy Monday!

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