Monday, June 6, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

I can still hear them...those magical waves. If I could bottle them up and bring them home with me and still have the same effect I would so do it in a heart beat.

It's sort of sad to see such a great weekend pass by, but time marches on and there is more greatness to be found. After our day at the beach this Saturday, it was difficult to get back in the mindset of preparation. For sure!

We finished our beach day with a pound of steamed shrimp and some dirty rice. It's a must when you have days like these. The theme should be continued til you've reached the end. And our end was around 8:30 when we both realized we were about to pass out on the couch. I guess those waves beat us down more than we thought or maybe we're just aging quicker than we realize. Hmmm...which is it?

I was so completely relaxed that my mind was refusing to cooperate with me. I had to give it a nice cold glass of sweet tea to get things moving. It drives a hard bargain. *wink*

Sunday I decided to rummage through our freezers and re-inventory our goods. It's been a while since I've done this and a while is overdue. I found some stuff I forgot we had. And don't you just love it when the hubby walks out and say, "Oh...did you find something good? You forgot you had that didn't you?!?" A nice rub in the face. *grrrr!*

I did good though. I wrote everything down and now I have a better idea of what I need to add to my order for the meat market this week. A quick tip: Inventory is important to keeping a good stock supply. Use the oldie's first and news last.
"FIFO" - First In, First Out

With a full list of inventory on hand, I was actually able to plan out a whole  month's worth (what's left) of meals. Whether we actually follow it is another story, but I have a great guide to what needs to be used and such.
Chili Mac
Cashew Chicken with homemade egg rolls
Italian Roast
Grilled Cheese and tomato soup
Steaks and grilled veggies

Tacos and frito salad
Spaghetti bake
No cooking
Buffalo chicken
Hamburgers and home fries

Lemon Pepper Pasta
BBQ Chicken

Honey Chicken
Roasted Turkey Breats with roasted veggies
Chicken-kabobs and grilled corn

I'm also trying to share how my "Recipes to Try" recipes turn out. Most of them are already Delicious!!!!

Monday's here yall! Are you ready? Let the week begin!!!

Happy Monday!!!

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  1. I've been out of town so I didn't reply to your email. That is so cute! & quick I must add! I made your macaroni salad for all our friends on our camp trip. Everyone loved it! Thanks again for another great recipe. I'm so glad you & the hubs got some time alone! I wish we had beaches all around Utah! ;)


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