Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tackle Me Tuesday

Awh hello Tuesday. I love the warm welcome you always bring. You are always reassuring me that I am one step closer to the middle of the week  with your big arrival. Why it matters that the middle of the week is here or not makes no difference, but just know I send you my grattitude.

Uggh...I'm not in my normal cheerful disposition like any other day. I sat up in bed this morning with a heavy fog hovering over my eyes and the feeling of ten pounds sitting on my cheeks. After a few "huhs?" and "say that again please" to my dear husband I quickly realized that my right ear was clogged. You know that feeling when like you have water in your ear after swimming for hours? Yeah that. But there's no water. However, despite my weary way and desire to plop down on the couch, my housework must begin in attempt to beat the morning rush of baby traffic. It's crazy here!!!

This past weekend was great. We spent a lot of quality time with Daddy and he was very grateful for his simplistic gift. Candy will please any guy...well for the most part. Hope woke up Friday with this weird rash that wasn't quite a rash and low-grade fever. After a trip to the doctor that was no help at all, we decided to stay in and play this thing out. It's always reassuring when your doctor hasn't the slightest idea of what's wrong. Very reassuring!

My poor babies...of course when you have two or three, the chances of the other catching what ever it is becomes higher. And just as I predicted, Savannah caught it too. The past two nights were the worst though. Mike and I agreed that this was the first time since we've had the girls that we actually feel like parents. Cleaning up vomit is a definite sign that you've entered the parenting world. Ughh! We still have no clue what's up with them. They've had all their shots so we're stumped. Will you pray for them?

In between cuddling and comforting my sickly babies, the house needs some pick-up time. We have been inside this entire weekend because of the girls and the house is to show for that. They are going stir crazy and taking it out on the house. No worries though...the pick up crew is here for disaster relief.

Enter: ME!

So my goal today is to start on chores. Laundry was done yesterday. Today the bathrooms and all the floors. Hopefully I'll be able to tackle it all. What's on your to do list?


  1. Sorry the girls are sick-ish. My babes got this virus thing that sounds similar. It started with my son, who had this mystery rash and fever. Then my daughter got it, complete with vomiting - and I totally agree - I felt more like a parent when I had to deal with the after-effects of that! Praying they get well soon.

  2. Sorry you have sick kiddos. Hope they are feeling well soon!

  3. So sorry they are sick? What kind of rash is it? My kids recently had hand, foot and mouth as well as roseola. Both can have fever and rash, but the rash for both is distinctly different. Hope they feel better soon!

  4. having sick little ones is not always fun its a lot of work most the time but when they get older you will be able to tell them how much you loved them to care for them hope they feel better soon


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