Monday, June 20, 2011

17 Months...

...and they're going strong.

 It sounds like a long period of time when you combine it with the words deployment, recovery, or maybe treatment. But when you pair it with words like baby, twins, children, or even a crazy one like vacation the extremity of the length of time seems to narrow it's diameter around you. I have found myself becoming lost in a world that is totally consumed by my daughters.

They are my focus and reasons for why I am who I am. They have molded me into the woman I am and you know what...I love it! I love them for it! I'm so much more aware of things now because of them. And I mean everything. 

I see their spitfire personalities evolving into their own demeanors. The lessons they're learning amaze me over and over again. They're accomplishing new milestones with leaps and bounds. Powerful ones at that.

Sentimental? Yes. A little sad to see this moment arrive? Of course.

My girls that once fit perfectly so snuggled into the curvature of my arms are now the overflowing amazement of arms and legs throwing quick pa-pows and hi-yahs! The once petite and soft spoken preemies are now full of life and attitude.

A slight raise of the eye brow and a stern stare. Where do they get it? I have the slightest idea!

Vocabulary is making way into their life. Baby, Hope, Dog, Moma, Daddy, Sissy, Bella and Hank are frequent flyers out of these little sugar babies. The infamous "uh-oh" is also a common phrase since things are always being dropped or thrown...usually both intentional occurrences.
They are active. They are silly. They are curious. Very inquisitive. Already very girly, with a soft rough side. Adventurous and spirited. Lovey and snuggly.

I've started catching little glimpses of a sibling bond. It has started to surface and take full form. Just as I prayed, they are starting to connect in ways that only they understand...even at their age. It's already more than I ever hoped for.

 Laughs for each other ricocheting down the hall after a quiet hour makes it clear that they realize they have each other. For what they have now and yesterday is only a sliver of what the future holds. It will be different and only seasoned with time.

 So I'll sit back and relish in the moments that I admire what I can... only try to make sense of and that will only continue to pass by so quickly. No regrets will be accepted. I will greatly welcome all of their slobbery smooches, enjoy each straw game, and remain a resting place for tired and worn out legs. I will continue to savor my nothing days and watch girls press through another month of fun with the reassurance that I've made the most of all our brisk bits of time only wishing I could freeze it just so to revisit often.

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