Friday, June 10, 2011

Tot-School Learning

Oh geese! To say that the girls are busy these days would be a huge understatement. It's funny to see them when Daddy gets home...they're all over him and he loves it. I think he fully understands how busy of a lady I am now after a few days home with them for weekends. By the time Monday gets here, they've completely worn him out. Great way to start the week, eh?

At 16 months, they're at a  perfect stage to start introducing some things to them. I've scoured the Internet for ideas and activities to do with them and boy have I totally hit the jackpot. There is SOOOOO much info out there...all at little to no cost what-so-ever!

Most of it is a little bit of common sense stuff too...but hey, we all need some refreshers when it comes to little tot levels. I know I did. Anyhoo...after reading a bit, I did a little bit of scavenging around the house to round up some goodies for my girls to play with.

Musical Instruments *wink*

Oatmeal cans, food tubs, toilet paper rolls, tin foil/wax paper rolls, pop-corn in containers...all so much fun. The toilet paper rolls are perfect for horns or megaphone style play. The tin foil rolls are thicker than your normal paper towel roll so they work great for drumsticks that are used on the food containers as drums. Popcorn in old peanut butter and mayo jars for maracas.

Letters and Numbers

Our coffee table has glass in-sets so I took some flash cards and put them under the glass. This keeps them from losing, ripping, eating, or snatching a card from the other. It's a fun "Where is?" game too!

Movement and Dance

The girls defineitly inderited my love to move...dancing that is. I might not be qulaifying for "So You Think You Can Dance," but I love to gt my groove on. So, I put some tunes on and the girls and I start to move. They love to mimic what I do which in most cases is crazy and silly.

They're also learning that objetts move as well. We now rolls balls on the coffee table back and forth to each other. They have the common toy penguin that punches back and weeble wobbles to and fro. They're leaning to kcik the ball all around the house and outside. Mike says we've got future soccer players on our hands. *wink*

I think the girls favorite activity though is with straws. They love it! I took an old 32 oz yogurt container and poked holes in the top, cut some bendy straws in half and wa-LAH!!!

Hours and hours of quiet play. Honestly! I know, right! Who would have ever thought that quiet and play could be used in the same sentence.

Not I!

I'm so in awe of my little ladies. They are learning so quickly and growing so fast.
I want to make sure that I have some fun and interesting activities for them so they don't get bored. And what I love is how frugal doing this can be.

Do you have any other ideas to share? What is your tot doing?

Hope yall have an amazing weekend. Try to stay cool or dry depending on the area of the country you're in.

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. Great post!! I love the yogurt cap lid idea -- one I'm going to have to use.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE all your learning ideas! My little one is 13 months old now so these will come in handy for sure!!


  3. Looks like fun! Thanks for the ideas!

  4. Great ideas! Your girls are precious, and just growing so fast!


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