Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday's Randoms

Awh...the sound of rain hitting the grass right outside my window this morning...makes me happy! It's been so long that we've gone with out that natural goodness our everything is turning brown outside. This will be a refreshing day as long as the humidity chooses to remain in the lower percentiles. Wouldn't that be lovely? Yes, it would.

It's finally Friday and that too makes me happy. This week has passed by and I'm completely unaware of how it went or what happened. Do you ever feel that way? All I remember is giggles, a delicious dessert, big silly smiles, flour and pasta pieces everywhere, and sleepy eyes. And that...that is enough for me.

Our plans for this weekend are little and slightly nonexistent at this moment. With a trip planned home in the latter month, we're trying to watch our $$$ so that we can truly enjoy our time there. So scrimp and save we choose and for us that means not drinking our dear old Dunkin' Donuts coffee....tear! Needless to say, my morning brew is a little less robust and effects are not as true. Definitely not a life or death situation, but a lesson about living with what you can afford what you got.

In other news, I finished my very first blog design this week and am very proud of myself, say the least. I'm not boasting by no means, but for me to actually research and figure this whole html code thing out by myself...ehh...I'M PROUD! *wink*  No, really. Holly over at Twin Time wanted to renovate her look and asked me for some help and being the  person that I am...I obliged. I had a great time too! I have learned that I have a niche for creating...I guess I should have known since I really used to enjoy scrapbooking. Here's how her header turned out:

So on that note...if you're in need of a blog updo...let me know. I would love to help you out. What I'll need from you?

Here's a short list:
  • A few pics of design styles you admire
  • Favorite colors, patterns, etc.
  • Pictures you want in your header, on you sidebar
  • Connection links (Facebook, twitter, etc.)
  • Page info (recipes, tutorials, blogs you follow, etc.)
  • and any other info that may help with the process.
 That's it!!
 One person at a time must take turns. (I know...I'm getting waaay ahead of myself!)

So I guess that's enough rambling for today. I'll leave you with a few more words if I may:

Tidy Mom

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