Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Full Disclosure: Kitchen Sink Storage Area Part I

Always be prepared for the unexpected. When life gets tough, work harder to push through with a hand to hold and a prayer for strength. It's not always going to be a peachy summer's day.

I'm usually the one that goes frantically running a-muck when something happens. My how to deal factor is a little slow to kick into gear sometimes. However, there are times when I'm right on top of things and this was one time that I was right there in the action ready to get down and dirty.

Let this be a sign that I am not living up to my standards when it comes to organizing. Tiss tiss!
As I mentioned before, our lovely garbage disposal decided to take a turn for the worse and share all it's glory with the under-sink area. Lovely huh? Everything was covered in water...gross, slimy, garage disposal styled water. Ugghh!! It's wealth can be compared to that of our daily offerings from the girls...you know what I mean *wink*. And with them so close in comparison, Mike was on the verge of vomiting...what is it with men and the need to vomit just to get out of cleaning up a mess? Hmm?

At least I put the hospital pan to good use. Have you ever wondered why they send those home with you? What are those meant for outside the hospital anyways. Here's an idea...

Everything that used to be under the sink is currently living on my table in our eat-in kitchen. Surprisingly, I haven't gone bonkers yet. ( getting there though)

After a trip to Home Depot and about $150 later, we have a brand new garbage disposal that looks just like the old one. Why is it that purchasing items like this is just not fun?!? Anyhoo...I have decided that my selection of items to go back under the sink will be more strict. There is no need to have all of that nonsense sitting under there. Way. Too. Much.

So...my search began for better organizing solutions and items to corral bottles, towels, and sponges in a better more convenient matter.




So we'll start with these pieces or one's similar and go from there. Stay tuned...More to come.

Having a place for everything and everything in it's place makes for such a brighter welcome when "cleaning the kitchen" time arrives.

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