Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend at a Glance

For not having any plans this weekend, it seemed like were busy bees here at the hive. By the time Friday afternoon rolled around, we decided to do something completely out of the ordinary and stay home. Ok..I know...we do this a lot...ordinary people we are I guess. To spice things up, we grilled some sausages on the grill to go with some over-the-top onions and peppers and we all ate them to our hearts content.
Unfortunately, the girls were a extremely cranky thanks to a thunderstorm paired with a flashy light show which kept them awake...wide awake. By the time 5:30-6:30 rolled around they were moooooooody! But all was well...put a bucket on your head solves all irritability.

Savannah is on Skype with her Mom-Maw Laura...Hope is...well...she's wearing her bucket because it makes her happy.

Pre-bedtime our house was a disaster and the girls were cheering up...perfect timing eh?!? The hubs and I managed to squeeze in a nice glass of wine and a movie after the girls made their way to dream land. With a $0.50 movie rental, the hubs surprised me with "Just Go With It." Have you seen it? It's a good one. Chick Flick qualifier, but good.

Have I mentioned yet that our garbage disposal went out Friday night. Water was everywhere. Everything was soaked. So nice. A great way to welcome the weekend. I did however, take this as a perfect opportunity to clear out everything from under the sink and begin a nice organizational project. Details to come later...

Saturday morning I woke up and started breakfast. A quick meal of biscuits and homemade gravy. I should have known that it would have been quicker and probably a lot less frantic for me to have made fresh biscuits...but I chose the easier route. This can is definitely not what it says it is...easy to open my foot!

Anyhoo...we got up and got going. Ate breakfast. Got dressed and headed to town to meet our newest family member...Mr. Disposal. The girls were really good while we were out. So happy. It took the hubs a while to get all of the gadgets he would need to install Mr. Disposal, so the ladies went for a stroll. After a while of ooohhing and awhing at everything in sight it was time to go. The hubs practically had to drag me out of the store. Hardware, storage items, cleaning supplies, and upgrade ingredients all under the same roof?!? Oh! And the garden center too!?!? What more could a girl ask for??

Don't worry though. We made it home. Safe back in the comfort of our slippers *smile* just before the afternoon down poor arrived.

While the hubs worked on Mr. Disposal, the girls and I began work on this. They were such great helpers. Putting toys in every basket and taking them in and out over and over again. Gotta love it! Their room has become a huge project that I am definitely ready to tackle. It'll be a slow process, but it's time to get it done. Organizing and a little decor re-do.

The rest of the evening it rained and rained making it perfect for a movie night with a side of lazy. Mix it up with some Veggie Tales and all is well.
Don't they look so big...growing so fast!!!

Sunday...well...we went to church. Played in the house. Watched the rain. Ate some crackers. And really just relaxed. What did you do??Anything exciting? Or did you enjoy the nothing-ness like we did?

Whatever it was...I hope you had fun and enjoyed your family time.

Happy Monday!

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  1. What a fantastic weekend! I love weekends like that. Home improvement stores are my favorite. I'm not sure if my husband is happy or sad about that. ;) Those girls of yours sure are sweetie pies and adorable to boot!


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