Monday, July 18, 2011

A GREAT Weekend at 18 Months!

This weekend was one of the best we've had in a looooooong time! We had so much fun with our ladies it's hard to believe it flew by as swiftly as it did. I'm just grateful that the good Lord reminded me to glue my camera to my hand like I did, otherwise all the action footage would have been stored in memory land somewhere for no one like you lovely people to enjoy.

We started off our weekend by welcoming home a great friend from his deployment...this mean that this Moma got to get dolled up to go out to eat. Did I get a snapper with him to show yall? Nope. But, we had a good time though.

Saturday was the best of the best. The weather was beautiful topping out at around 85 with a nice and steady breeze whipping through our locks and a clear blue sky.
 After breakfast, the girls and I played out on the back porch while Daddy mowed the front yard. They {heart} playing with ice cubes. Entertainment for hours!!!

We attempted to get some shots of them together, but we all know how that goes. They may be twins, but they definitely don't share the same brain. They each own their own mindset and will to do things...and sitting still at consecutive moments is definitely not on their list to share.

The day was so good though. After a week of pitiful teething babies, I couldn't have asked for better moods from both of them. The house was full of laughter and giggles and chunky little legs running up and down the hallway.

While the girls napped, us old folks shared some coffee and popcorn. Great combination huh?

Boy howdy! We make an awesome pair for sure!

After their naps, we played outside for the remainder of the day. Their new fascination is kicking the ball. Hope is right on the money with her skills. We foresee soccer in our future for sure...they get that from their Daddy!

We kicked the ball around the backyard for what seemed like forever. I look forward to many afternoons spent with my girls in this yard...this is my ideal picture of family time if you ask me. Energy well spent.

(ok, I attempted to upload a video for you, but I have to upgrade something on my computer.)
Click here if you'd like to see the video.

Before we knew it, it was well passed the girls bed times and they hadn't even had baths yet. This is the moment when you fully realize how much fun you were was great!

The next morning, I got up and started getting ready for church. Got the girls bag ready, Cheerios packed, cups poured. But when I went in to get the girls up, this is what I was welcomed with...

My first thought was pink eye. It wasn't though. Mike remembered her getting bit by a mosquito on her eyelid...needless to say she had a reaction which according to her Daddy made her look like "cyclops." I took her to the ER just incase the swelling may have caused some problems. They agreed it was a bite and sent us home. So our Sunday was spent playing in between groggy Benadryl periods...

By the time the girls bedtime rolled around, Moma and Daddy were pooped! I was a little sad to see the evening go by so quick. When moments are as good as they were this weekend, seeing them pass by leaves a Moma wondering if they'll be more to follow like those. I'm pretty sure there will though.

How was your weekend? Did you take advantage of the great outdoors?

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  1. Your weekend looks so fun! Sorry about the "cyclops" eye - although it IS a bit comical looking :)

    Popcorn and coffee? We do it. Coffee goes with pretty much EVERYthing in this house - my husband drinks it nonstop.

    And getting little people to sit still? Yeah, we have the same issues :)


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